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Wednesday Night Wrestling Preview – Lucha Underground on El Rey, Impact on…YouTube?

Last week on Lucha Underground…

If you’ve been following this new preview, you know the drill. Hit it!

Lucha Underground 8PM El Rey Network

Last Week on Lucha Underground Konnan urged his protegé Prince Puma to stay out of Johnny Mundo’s match with Big Ryck. However, later in the evening during said match Ryck’s partners Cisco and Castro put the boots to Puma making Mundo’s feud with the trio now his feud as well. Puma will take on Big Ryck in the main event of tonight’s hour of Lucha Underground.

Sexy Star returns to the warehouse this time looking to exact revenge on Chavo Guerrero for his actions two weeks ago, bashing the luchadora with a steel chair. They’ll face off in an intergender lucha tonight.

The full card:

  • Prince Puma vs. Big Ryck
  • Sexy Star vs. Chavo Guerrero
  • Drago vs. Mil Muertes
  • Son of Havoc vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Impact Wrestling 9PM on YouTube

For the next few weeks until they premiere on Destination America, Impact will present a series of “Best of” shows in lieu of new programming. Tonight’s won’t be on Spike but will reside rather on TNA’s YouTube channel. Entitled “Thanksgiving Throwdown,” the show will relive the best of TNA’s Turkey Bowl matches.

Impact returns for its final Spike broadcasts on December 3rd through December 24th.

The Morning Roundup 11/26/14

Morning News RoundUp 2

Impact’s First Taping of 2015 – Impact Wrestling

Impact is returning to the Manhattan Center for three nights of tapings for their new program on Destination America. Good move, they had a good atmosphere going with their previous set of shows and pulled a decent crowd.

Yoshi Tatsu Suffers Broken Neck – Wrestling INC

Former WWE Star Yoshi Tatsu has reportedly broken two bones in his neck. The injury is believed to have happened in New Japan Pro Wrestling during a match with AJ Styles

Sting’s Titantron – YouTube

WWE has put Sting’s entrance video up on their YouTube video. Why yes we are short interesting Roundup stories this morning, thanks for asking.

The Day After: Raw 11/25/14


“And I quote…”

What’s the antithesis of Sting’s first WWE appearance ever at Survivor Series?

At the close of last night’s Raw, the Anonymous General Manager podium and laptop made their unlikely return, unseating tonight’s temporary GM Daniel Bryan for next week.  Originally revealed to be Hornswoggle, time will tell whether the Anonymous GM taking over for Cyber Monday will be revealed Hornswoggle again or a new party and if their reign will last more than one week.

I for one would be in favor of rotating authority figures for the time being. The evil GM/Authority Figure trope has been extremely played out and a break from unfair handicap matches (ahem you’re better than this Daniel) would be a welcome respite.  Hell, go old school and form a “championship committee” or a board of directors pulling the strings.  It’s almost WrestleMania season, let the star power do the heavy lifting.

The biggest shock for many from tonight’s show was the lack of the Icon, the Man Called Sting.  While the running theory was that Sting would be the new GM of Raw, his only “participation” in tonight’s show was the opening video.  While it’s disappointing that he wasn’t in attendance, I don’t have an issue with him not being named GM because…it doesn’t add up.  Why would he come to WWE for an authority position?  Even in TNA did he ever operate as the GM?  Sting’s in WWE for a feature attraction role, with a limited match run and WrestleMania 31 Hall of Fame induction, presumably.  Having him show up in the months until Mania sporadically, to put the wrongs perpetrated by the Authority right (because who are we kidding they’ll be back) in order to build a Sting- Triple H match makes way more sense.

Sting was the “franchise” of WCW and Triple H- the character, despite sharing the spotlight with bigger names, fancies him as the “franchise” of WWE through the lean years.  Of course it’s not true, but heels make outlandish claims, that ‘s just what they do.  Plain and simple, keep his appearances special, give him his Hall of Fame ring.  Let’s fondly remember and celebrate him, not run him into the ground like so many former greats.

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The Morning Roundup 11/25/14

Morning News RoundUp 1

Bray Wyatt on The Steve Austin Show – Twitter

Bray Wyatt will be on Steve Austin’s Podcast today. You know what that means, when Bray Wyatt is talking, you’re listening.

More Details on NJPW’s AXS TV deal – PW Torch

We mentioned New Japan getting a United States Television Deal with AXS TV yesterday, here are more details on that happening: 13 episode order, Fridays at 9PM starting January 16th, and the shows will feature “the most exciting matches from NJPW’s Japanese broadcasts and pay-per-view events.” So it’s looking to be a best of project, probably similar to the old Pride Fighting Championship show on Spike TV.

Cole Eats a Post-Raw Superkick – SEScoops

For whatever reason (Anonymous GM) Michael Cole was on the receiving end of a Dolph Ziggler superkick after Raw went off the air last night. Enjoy.

Monday Night Raw Preview 11/24/14

Twenty-four hours removed from Survivor Series, and safe to say a LOT has changed in the current WWE landscape. Plenty of questions and even more uncertainty, as Monday Night Raw sets up shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some pre-show notes and major Survivor Series spoilers below:

  • Void of Power: With the Authority on hand tonight for their final goodbyes, it remains to be seen who fills the role of top dog decision-maker for the WWE. Presumably Sting will have some say in what goes on, as he established himself last night as firmly anti-Authority. John Cena and Vince McMahon will likely be on hand as well. Expect some combination of this insane triumvirate to dictate the immediate future of WWE programming.
  • Survivor Series Fallout: There’s a lot that’s up in the air now that the Authority has been forced from power. Does Kane still have a job? Seth Rollins has been left to his own devices. Traitorous Big Show is still floating freely around the WWE Universe. And don’t forget about the bizarre stipulation that John Cena is the only person that can restore the Authority to power. This HAS to be a seed planted for a Cena heel turn, right? Right???
  • New Champions: The Miz and Damien Mizdow are the new tag team champions! With Miz hogging both belts and the champs doing a boo/yay right after winning the straps, WWE is wasting no time in establishing grounds for a split. Nikki Bella is the new Divas champion, thanks to an assist from her surprisingly willing sister Brie. If the swerve is that they were working together all along, this seems like a roundabout way for Nikki to get the strap. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this is treated tonight.
  • TLC Already Taking Bookings: With TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs less than three weeks away, it’s first match (Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt) is already on the card. If rumors are true that Brock Lesnar will defend the big belt against Cena at TLC, expect Lesnar and Paul Heyman to show up tonight to get that ball rolling.
  • WWE Prefers the Dish: Tonight’s guest star Larry the Cable Guy has got to be FURIOUS. With so much popping off right now through all aspects of the WWE Universe, dude should probably just reschedule.

That’s it, marks! Enjoy STING.

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