WWE Main Event Preview 10/28/14

It’s Tuesday night and WWE Main Event is coming to you live from the one, the only, beautiful Houston, Texas!

In addition to some fine wresting matches, tonight’s episode features a new edition of Miz(dow) TV! Once one of the most hated segments in all of sports entertainment today, the ascension of stunt double Damien Mizdow has made Miz(dow) TV a must-watch. Moreover, it’s important for Miz to have his stunt double in the ring for these bits, as they usually end with Miz getting beaten down.

Tonight’s featured guest is none other than World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Fresh off whooping the Big Show on Monday Night Raw, proud Texan Mark Henry will presumably offer an explanation for turning on his former friend. Probability of Miz and/or Mizdow eating a World’s Strongest Slam: very high.

Official Notes:
Miz(dow) TV featuring Mark Henry
Toyota Center; Houston TX
Airs LIVE on WWE Network, 8pm (7 Central)

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