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A Free Month and New Pricing Plans Coming to WWE Network

WWE announced this morning that new subscribers in the month of November will receive their first month, including Survivor Series for Free. In addition, a new price plan that strips away the six month commitment will be introduced. From the press release:

Much like other subscription businesses including Netflix and Hulu Plus, WWE® will be offering:

November For Free: New subscribers will receive WWE Network free of charge for the entire month of November – including Survivor Series on Sunday, November 23.

New Simplified Price Plan: WWE Network will be available for $9.99 per month with no commitment and the ability to cancel at any time.

Current subscribers locked into a six-month commitment will be converted to a no commitment plan at the end of their billing cycle.

For as much crap as WWE gets for their $9.99 shilling, the Network is an incredible value, for the NXT Takeover specials alone. Throw in monthly pay-per-views and the original specials, it’s a no brainer. It baffles me when I come online and see wrestling fans celebrating or mocking WWE for low subscriber numbers. WWE is taking a beating but rest assured they are way ahead of the curve in launching this model which is the future of television.

If you can afford it and you’re a fan of the sports entertainment, give the network a look.

The Morning Roundup 10/30/14



Bobby Roode: TNA World Champion – Impact Wrestling

In case you missed it, or forgot since it was taped a month ago, Bobby Roode won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship last night on Impact in a pretty good title match.

Kevin Steen’s NXT Name? – With Spandex

PW Insider is reporting WWE trademarked the name “Kevin Owens” leading to speculation that this will be Kevin Steen’s NXT name. While it’s kind of generic when compared to Hideo Itami and Finn Balor it makes sense. Steen’s son’s name is Owen, who is named in tribute to Owen Hart, and Steen like Hart is Canadian. As With Spandex points out it also makes his initials K.O., which should work great as a nickname or for naming his finishing move.

Why Do Some Fans Hate Wrestling So Much – Bleacher Report

Quality read from Jonathan Snowden with Bleacher Report on the reaction to the Hell in a Cell PPV. Give it a look, definitely worth your time.


WWE Main Event Preview 10/28/14

It’s Tuesday night and WWE Main Event is coming to you live from the one, the only, beautiful Houston, Texas!

In addition to some fine wresting matches, tonight’s episode features a new edition of Miz(dow) TV! Once one of the most hated segments in all of sports entertainment today, the ascension of stunt double Damien Mizdow has made Miz(dow) TV a must-watch. Moreover, it’s important for Miz to have his stunt double in the ring for these bits, as they usually end with Miz getting beaten down.

Tonight’s featured guest is none other than World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Fresh off whooping the Big Show on Monday Night Raw, proud Texan Mark Henry will presumably offer an explanation for turning on his former friend. Probability of Miz and/or Mizdow eating a World’s Strongest Slam: very high.

Official Notes:
Miz(dow) TV featuring Mark Henry
Toyota Center; Houston TX
Airs LIVE on WWE Network, 8pm (7 Central)

Best for Business: The Controversial Hell in a Cell Finale


Three young stars highlighted in the main event spot on a WWE pay-per-view show that also featured a John Cena & Randy Orton match.   A scenario you’d think wrestling fans would welcome …and somehow people were still not happy.

Sunday evening WWE took a huge step in passing a torch to some of the future faces of the company by having the Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell match close the show rather than the Orton/Cena #1 Contenders Match.  After an opening that paid homage to past Cell matches, Rollins and Ambrose attempted to murder each other in the Cell with a variety of weapons and cage dives in a fun Hell in the Cell brawl.  Just before Ambrose could get vengeance for the infamous cinder block curb stomp, the arena went dark.

In a scene reminiscent of the Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, preceded by the lantern and the distracting presence of Sister Abigail, entered the Cell to attack Dean Ambrose and give Rollins the tainted victory.  A horror movie quality ending, that causes questions, sets up a feud between two of my favorite superstars, sets the third onto a new path, AND keeps the Ambrose/Rollins beef flickering for the future.  What’s not to love?

Like most mornings after pay-per-views, as I perused the internet yesterday I felt like I was taking crazy pills.  “Ruined the show.”  “Made no sense.” “Supernatural crap.”  Despite the outpouring of negativity, I found the ending to make a lot of sense on a number of levels.

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The Morning Roundup

Morning News RoundUp 1

Teams of Five Strive to Survive –

It was announced last night on Raw that Survivor Series’ main event will be Team Authority vs. Team Cena. Many will complain, “What no title match?” Those people are boobs. The Traditional Survivor Series matches are great and it’s good to see the pay-per-view continuing the tradition. Now if we get an entire card of 5-on-5 like the old days? I’m gonna need a waste bin for these trousers.

Orton in Condemned 2 – Yahoo Movies

Randall K. Orton is set to star in WWE Studio’s sequel to the Stone Cold Steve Austin film, The Condemned. Can Orton replicate the performance of Austin as Jack Conrad?

Elimination Chamber replacing Payback – Lords of Pain

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is moving to June to replace Payback. February’s show will now be titled “Fast Lane.”

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