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The Day After: Raw 8/25/14


I don’t enjoy being part of the chorus on the internet complaining about John Cena. But with all due respect to John Cena, the man, the guy who does charity work, and busts his ass working hard doing appearances for WWE… what in the fresh hell was that?

Apparently intent on using up all the goodwill built up by being taken to the woodshed by Brock Lesnar, John Cena dominated Bray Wyatt in a short match before a disqualification spun it into a six-man contest. A six-man match where despite having two giants as partners, Cena nearly singlehandely dispatched of the Wyatt Family to close the show. It was complete bullsh-.

This isn’t so much an indictment of the man, but how the character is being handled. I’m sure he’s a nice man and I have no personal knowledge on Cena’s feelings on the guys he’s, to quote the IWC,  “burying”. He’s made it clear he does what he’s told.

With that being said, John Cena can afford to take an ass-whupping like what occurred at SummerSlam. He’s a well established character who is and will continue to be way over with WWE’s money demographics. Bray Wyatt on the other hand was done no favors by last night’s debacle (or any interaction with John Cena for that matter).

When it comes to heels in WWE, the Wyatt Family are just behind Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman and The Authority in the pecking order of evil villains. Brock is part-time and only half of the members of the Authority could be considered a regular wrestlers at this point, Seth Rollins & Randy Orton. Isn’t there an army of mid-carders you could have fed to Cena and still proven he’s upped his game? What good does it do to bury one of your top young stars and your “next up” villains in the service of proving John Cena can overcome the odds and has a chance against Brock Lesnar?

It does no good because it’s a well-worn narrative. Time and time again we’ve seen it. John Cena overcomes the odds and lives to fight another day and a million neon t-shirts are sold.  Hooray. The biggest problem I have with repeating that story again and again is, you have those kids and Cena fans. Wins and losses don’t matter to them, they’re going to cheer and buy his merch. So why is killing a newer talent so decisively so important to prove Cena’s superiority? It’s not going to get him over with the smarks. Wouldn’t someone like Kane, who has a hell of a lot less to lose but still considered a “threat,” and was dominated in the same fashion worked just as well?
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What If…

On the Raw after Wrestlemania there were two certainties: Daniel Bryan was champ and Brock Lesnar had ended the streak.  It seemed like the two were at the top of WWE and could be on a collision path.  Then, in the weeks after Mania, Bryan went down with a neck injury and had to forfeit the title.  As a result, Cena was able to capture the title at Money in the Bank before being massacred by Brock Lensar.  What if Daniel Bryan never got hurt?

Well, the answer, from online reports, is the WWE intended to run Bryan through the buzzsaw.  We would have seen Bryan hold the title till Summerslam and then got dominated by Lesnar.  He would have gotten the same barnyard beat down that Cena got, with no remorse.  Where the story line was supposed to go from there I shall not say as it does not change much with Cena.

Could you imagine the wrestling world reaction.  The people’s hero would be slaughtered in front of their very eyes and the dream would be dead.  Bryan would be down and out and the people would be angry.  This is riot in the streets kind of angry.  Thankfully, it seems, Bryan got injured on his own and did not get destroyed by Lesnar.

The Morning Roundup – 8/26/2014

Morning News Roundup 3Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  We are just at Tuesday but we are closer to the weekend than we were yesterday.  YAY!  Here we go!

Family Friction – WWE Fallout

“I wish you had died in the womb.”  Wow.  That is not a nice thing for one sister to say to another sister, but I sure did enjoy it.  I cannot wait for Nikki to begin fighting back and starting making boob job jokes.  This story arc has a Kane/Undertaker feel to it, but not as memorable.

Bryan in Europe – LOP

DL-listed Daniel Bryan will be in Europe for the Fall tour, much to fan’s delight.   He will not be wrestling, don’t worry USA fans, but he will being doing promos and be ringside.  This makes me jealous because, right now, he is not on TV, doing promos, or standing ringside.

Face the Strange – Cage Side Seats

Christmas is about 4 months away, I’m a size medium.  Feel free to get this for me then, or as a Thanksgiving present, Halloween gift, or just thanking me for finishing the Army 10 miler.  Your call, but make it happen.


Raw Preview

savey save

Welcome to: RAW IS DREAMER!  Thats right, Sam E. Dreamer here to bring you the Raw Preview for this lovely evening.  I am new to this, so cut me some slack.  Lets get to it!  Make note, Raw is going up against the daytime Emmys.  Does that mean they will bring a big show?

Legends Forum 

– HBK, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair are going to sit down tonight and talk about the upcoming WWE World Heavyweight title match.  This match, which will be at Night of Champions, will feature Lesnar (c) facing off against John Cena.  It is a historic bout and requires the attention of WWE past and present.  Hogan, HBK, and Flair are there not only to draw fans, but to also cloud over the fact that Lensar will not be in attendance

John Cena Speaks

Speaking of the former champ, after missing Raw last week, Cena will be in town to talk about his matches with Brock Lesnar.  Will John Cena still tell people he tried hard and will harder for NOC, or will he get more vicious?  I presume John will stay the face route but the internet sure would love a heel Cena.

Rusev Marches On

After taking the Realest American Jack Swagger, Rusev asked for more challengers.  Last week, Dreamer favorite Mark Henry showed Rusev who is boss.  This week, look for Rusev to respond with the aid of Lana and all of Russia backing the awesome wrecking machine

Bellas, Bellas, and more Bellas

Now that Nikki and Brie are enemies, what will boil over on Raw tonight?  Brie revealed last week that it has always been the Nikki show and she has had to take a back seat.  Will the sisters continue to get physical, or patch it up?  As Joe Styles would yell, I bet we have a “CAT FIGHT!”

Where did Ambrose go?

After being destroyed by Rollins last week, Ambrose was sent to the back on a stretcher.  Later reports indicated Ambrose left the medical team and is now AWOL.  Look for him to lay in wait for Rollins now and attack when he least expects it.  (For the smarks, he is off shooting a movie, give him a couple weeks…shhhhh)

Tag Team Turmoil

Goldust and Stardust are still seeking their galaxy prize, Rybaxel keep picking up wins, and the Wyatt Family look stronger than ever, but who will fight with Usos?  Look for more clarity as we close in on NOC, where the titles must be defended.

New Stable

Remember when Kofi and Big E were approached by Xavier Woods a few weeks ago to stop getting beat up?  What happened to that?  I am hoping, against all hope, we get to know more about their stable.  Maybe, just maybe, this will work out and be more than just a new Nation of Domination.

The Morning Roundup 8/25/14

Morning News Roundup 3

More Smoke to the Smackdown Returns to Thursday Fire – PWTorch

SyFy’s current schedule online lists Smackdown as returning to Thursdays on October 2nd. Could be an error, could be official, until we hear it from WWE we don’t really know.

Spike wants “out of pro wrestling” and TNA has another network in mind – Lords of Pain

So many rumors about this it’s hard to know what to believe. The latest one is that Spike DOESN’T want to buy TNA and is extending them to give them time to transition to a new network, which they’ve allegedly lined up but it’s rumored to be “not a major network” whatever that means.

Steen & Devitt – Twitter

Not a story per se, but a cool picture that has many indy wrestling fans steamed up for their respective NXT debuts.

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