The Morning Roundup 8/28/14

Morning News Roundup 3

Sting DVD Intro – WWEDVDNews

The intro for the upcoming Sting DVD/Blu-Ray has leaked online, have a gander.

WWE & Ronda Rousey  – With Spandex

Looks like WWE finally figured out what a big deal it was having UFC Bantamweight Champion and WWE Superfan Ronda Rousey wanting to work with them. Rousey and her pals wanted to work something big up for Summerslam, but nothing developed. Now that WWE brass has met her from being backstage, the feeling is they’ll reach out and want to work with her in the future. Seems like a no brainer once Rousey finishes up her UFC run.

Ryback taking time off? – WhatCulture

For those who missed it, Ryback tweeted Monday (later deleted) that he was taking time off to “get some stuff fixed.” On Main Event, references were made to the Big Guy being injured. There have been conflicting reports with PWInsider (via Wrestling INC) saying he’s not injured and Dave Meltzer (via WrestleZone) saying he has a lower body injury.

Shawne Merriman done with WWE – SEScoops

Former NFL star Shawne Merriman has apparently parted ways with WWE. Merriman had started working on training with WWE after WrestleMania XXX.

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