Paul Heyman on CDVTW: “Brock Lesnar is going to slap John Cena silly.”


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The Advocate for the Beast Incarnate, the 1 behind 21-1, Paul Heyman joined Chad Dukes Versus The World on Thursday afternoon to discuss Lesnar’s championship fight with John Cena THIS SUNDAY at SummerSlam.  Which you can catch LIVE on pay-per-view and the WWE Network.  Just $9.99 by the way.

Always bombastic, always intense, and always hilarious, Heyman and Dukes discussed Heyman’s new DVD, his feelings on ECW’s influence on the Attitude Era, Ronda Rousey, Cesaro, and the SummerSlam main event.

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Right off the bat things got off to a bit of a strained start when Dukes introduced Heyman as “probably” the best talker in the business.  Naturally, Heyman took exception firing back, “Well, it’s a pleasure to be on one of the best radio shows in DC.”  Well played sir.

Once things settled down, the matter of WWE’s new Blu-Ray/DVD release Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman was broached and while some might say it’s an honor for the performer when they’re chosen for a WWE Documentary, Heyman stated the honor is all WWE’s.

“Quite an honor for WWE to have me sit down and be interviewed for their DVD/Blu-ray release, quite an honor for WWE to exploit the body of work that Paul Heyman has amassed over the past several decades, quite an honor for WWE to have ME as a subject for their documentary,” Heyman said.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you know the body of work Heyman speaks about is legit.  Managing top talent in every major promotion in North America,  a successful commentary career, booking and running his own promotion, the Heyman Hustle website and his marketing firm, and most importantly: advocating for Brock Lesnar.  After Heyman’s association with Lesnar, his work in ECW is what most fans will associate with Paul Heyman.  The promotion created a legacy that spawned the Attitude Era and is still being “exploited” to this day by TNA and other reunion federations/shows.  However, Heyman is a forward thinker and doesn’t dwell on any bitterness or what could have been with the wildly popular brand.

“I’m a realist and I’ve always been of the opinion that Steve Jobs wasn’t the head of Apple and every single solitary idea that Apple implemented was a Steve Jobs’ idea.  People came to Steve Jobs and said, ‘What if we did this?’  And he said, ‘Yes, let’s do that.’  The guy with the bigger platform, more money, a different way to market it, and distribution channels got to make more money than the guy who actually came up with the idea.  And that’s just the real world.  So, I don’t sit here and bitch and moan and complain, ‘Oh well the Attitude Era kinda my idea in ECW.’  It’s just the reality of it.  They had bigger money, they had more distribution, and therefore when they put their spin on it they can claim it to be their own.  That’s just the real world. I look forward to the young people who come to me with new ideas today that I can steal from them and become a billionaire with.”

Speaking of the future, along with praising the recent signings to WWE of Kenta, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen, Heyman was next prompted to pick a MMA star he felt could seamlessly translate their skills to the squared circle. Heyman wasted no time in revealing his selection, “Ronda Rousey. I would love for Ronda Rousey to be a Paul Heyman Girl.”

While it’s certainly an interesting choice, one would have to assume as long as Brock Lesnar is around, much like his dissolved association with Cesaro, Heyman will not be taking on new clients.

“I remain very good friends with Cesaro and I appreciate his hard work, I think he is a magnificent talent, but when it became obvious that Option C had to be implemented, Brock Lesnar is a full-time job.  Advocating for Brock Lesnar requires my attention 24/7, 365, when that is in play.  So when it came time for Option C to be presented to the Authority, I very respectfully noted to Cesaro, ‘This is going to require my full undivided attention.’  Which Cesaro knew from day one, and that’s why we have no hard feelings with each other.  I still have great admiration and respect for Cesaro as a man and for his future.”

Option C occurs this Sunday in Los Angeles as Lesnar challenges WWE Champion John Cena in what’s being billed as “The Biggest Fight of the Summer.”  While the subtitle of “biggest fight” implies a knock down, drag out fight for both men, Heyman doesn’t foresee the Beast Incarnate having much trouble with Cena.  “Brock Lesnar is going to slap John Cena silly,” said Heyman, “Brock Lesnar is going to beat him up unmercifully and sadistically twist John Cena up in a manner he’s never experienced, being manhandled, in his entire career.”

Should Lesnar prevail this Sunday and become the WWE Champion, Heyman makes no promises that we will see our WWE Champion more frequently.  “You will see Brock Lesnar when your conqueror deems it appropriate to be seen by you.”  Heyman continued, “So Brock will appear when he damn well feels like appearing, unless you’ve got someone tough enough to drag him out there on nights he doesn’t feel like appearing before you.”

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