Wishful Thinking


Happy hump day, marks. Days removed from Raw, days before Smackdown, and I think maybe Impact will be on tomorrow night. Possibly. Until then, here are some random thoughts that have been clattering around my head for a couple of days.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

  • Why do people still care about the WWE ratings? Sometimes they’re up, sometimes they’re down. Ratings for Raw and Smackdown will have to drop to unimaginable levels to be cancelled, so they’re in no danger there. I mean, I understood when people compared Raw and Nitro ratings back in the late 1990s. But now? Nobody outside of the WWE should care what the ratings are. If you enjoy something, just watch it. If you don’t like it, take to the Internet. Just stop obsessing about 0.1 ratings increases or dips. In fact, stop clicking on links that “report” ratings. If you stop, they’ll stop.
  • Wrestling fans should subscribe to the WWE Network if only to watch NXT. Sure, there’s the occasional clunker and many matches are short to maximize TV exposure, but this is also great, mainstream wrestling that is happening here (in this country).
  • Ease back on the Crossfit, Seth Rollins. My wife wasn’t really into you, and then you started wrestling without a shirt. How many marriages must be ruined before you’ll change your ways?
  • The Attitude Era was amazing. However, I’d really appreciate if people would stop pretending that 90 percent of late-90s and early-00s Internet forum chatter wasn’t complaining. I was confused every Tuesday morning when I read bitching and moaning about how much time Austin vs. McMahon received, or about how The Rock only had his… “five moves of doom.” Also, looking back further, do you not even remember how critical of Hogan’s matches people were back in the day? Now the roof blows off when Real American hits (as it should). I have a feeling that fans will be far kinder to John Cena once he’s retired. In 20 years, he’ll likely be universally praised by wrestling fans who never saw a live Cena match about his ability to garner a reaction from a crowd.
  • The Divas division could probably stand some character diversification. For a while, the only Divas to get and stay over long term are either crazy, or bitches. Or, crazy bitches. People seem to be buying into the Summer/Layla BFF/pseudo-HLA bit, but that only works until Fandango has jobbed to the entire lower card. Finding a Diva to get over like Lita or Trish seems to be even more difficult to catch lightning in a bottle, so this may be asking too much.

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