“Wherever My Brain Takes Me Is Wherever I Go” Bray Wyatt on Chad Dukes Versus The World


The Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt joined our own Chad Dukes on Chad Dukes Versus The World this afternoon to promote WWE Battleground, this Sunday on Pay-Per-View and the WWE Network from Tampa, Florida. Wyatt faces Chris Jericho in one of the most anticipated matches on the card.

Wyatt discusses his group’s rise to the main roster, carving their own path, finding inspiration, crowd support, Chris Jericho, and hints at more to the Wyatt Family’s story to be revealed in the future.

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After starting the interview discussing their mutual pal Joey Mercury, Dukes and Wyatt talked about the whirlwind year that brought the Wyatt Family from a popular NXT group to a worldwide sensation on the main roster of WWE.

“This ride this last year has just been a roller coaster, man.  The intensity is off the charts.  I measure it a lot by the reception from the people and the fans.  So NXT, it took people a while to understand, you know, what exactly you’re trying to portray because everyone wants to immediately look at us and they go, “Deliverance” and all these foolish hillbilly… what’s the word I’m looking for?”

“Stereotypes?” asked Dukes.

“Stereotypes, exactly, but we’re highly intelligent, you know, more like some kind of hillbilly assassins.  When we started in NXT, we go from that reaction to…I actually was there just last night, and when I walkout there, I just, I see the people ignite.  I do the entrance, and I say “NXT, we’re home” and they believe it and I believe it, how real it is, and that’s sort of how it’s been.  It starts out, I’m in no mans land not knowing what’s going to happen from day to day, how the people are going to receive me, until now, I see in their eyes they understand.  They see me for what I want them to see me as, it’s truly truly a wonderful feeling, man.”

While comparisons have been made between Wyatt’s style and that of names like Jake the Snake, Waylon Mercy or Max Cady from Cape Fear, it is evident from his promos that his inspiration comes from many sources.  From Carcosa to biblical references, Wyatt uses aspects of the world around him to craft a persona that’s been hailed as groundbreaking in the world of WWE and being the first of it’s kind is exactly how he likes it.

“When we looked at ourselves we never said we wanted to be the next this, we don’t want to be the next that. We saw the Shield when they were coming up and we were really angry that the Shield was coming up, because as talented as those guys were, we were already a three-man group.  We already existed.  We were already battle tested and ready to roll and I think that’s why our involvement with them was so special because it was a real affliction.

As far as inspiration, I’m inspired by everything.  I’ll watch a homeless man walk down the street with a crazy little limp and the next thing I know I pick it up.  And that’s the thing though, I don’t sit down with a pen and paper, and I don’t say, “Hey I’ll walk out and say this on Monday Night Raw.”  I feel it out there, you know man.  I start out with a little point that I want to get across and wherever my brain takes me is wherever I go in those promos.  It’s not something made up, the ideals are not made up, and everything is real to me.  Everything I say it’s so passionate, it’s just real, it’s what I really think of the world, what I really think of society and heroes, and all those people that I have a lack of respect for, it’s all real images that pop up in my head in sequential order.  Boom-boom-boom-boom, and they just flow out of me as if it’s not even me talking but something else.”

Much has been made of the increased crowd support for the Wyatt Family due to the incorporating “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” into his feud with current WWE Champion John Cena, causing critics to complain it makes it harder for the Wyatts to be sinsister.  However, like many WWE Superstars, Wyatt understands that making the crowd scream, boo, cheer, or feel something is better than the alternative.

“I feed off the energy. I don’t care what noise that they’re making as long as they’re making noise.  It makes it real; it makes it real to me.  If they were sitting down and they were quiet and not making any noise then I’d be worried.  But as long as they’re loud and they’re into what I’m doing it makes me more into what I’m doing.”

Before closing out the interview, Dukes pressed Wyatt on whether the WWE Universe would be learning more about the backstory of the Family, Sister Abigail, and just where these guys came from.  Hell, we’ve speculated in the past on this site about his, for lack of a better term, comic book origin story.  Wyatt wasn’t giving up any information but his reasoning is sound and the tease makes me want to hear it even more now.

“Ohhh Chad. I have so much I could tell you.  I could spin your head around right now if I wanted to, but I can’t.  It’s a story that’s better left as a mystery until I’m ready to tell it, until it makes sense to tell it.”

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