The Morning Roundup 7/7/14


Hope everyone had a fun, relaxing, and patriotic Independence Day Weekend. In case you were too busy celebrating to check the site over the weekend, Chad Dukes talked with WWE’s Joey Mercury on Thursday. The recap and interview can be found here.

Santino Makes An Announcement – PWTorch

The man, the legend, Santino Marella, announced last night to his hometown crowd that he will be ending his career very soon. He said that he suffered a neck injury three weeks ago and he “doesn’t have a lot of time left in his career.” While not a huge fan favorite, who can say they never cracked a smile when the cobra came out.

Kevin Nash Interview – Miami Herald

Big Diesel sat down with The Miami Herald. After a little background on his personal life and wrestling career, Nash talks about his health and what kind of toll wrestling has taken on his body. He also mentions DDP yoga and the results its been getting for others, and how DDP will be tailoring a workout specifically for his needs.

Longest Reigning Champions –

WWE posted their list of the top ten total longest reigning WWE championships. Pretty cool to see how sports entertainment has changed from the good old days, when it was common place to see a star hold the belt for a very long time.

Austin On Scripted Promos –

Stone Cold spoke with Bright House Sports network to plug the debut of his new show, Broken Skull Challenge on CMT. He touched a bit on what scripted promos is doing to the business and how talents need to speak from the heart and promos are where you sink or swim. Video can be seen here.

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  1. paul says:

    Santino should def stick around in some way right??? The guy is funny….

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