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Afternoon Roundup 6/27/14

New Matches Added To MITB – f4wonline

Confirmed for Sunday’s Money In The Bank PPV, Summer Rae vs. Layla with special guest referee Fandango, and Big E vs Alexander Rusev.

Win TNA Tickets – TimeWarnerCable

Are you a Time Warner Cable subscriber? Want to win tickets to an upcoming TNA taping in New York City? Getting clicking.

Mick Foley Is A Hogan Fan – SEScoops

Foley took to his Facebook page to explain why he likes Hulk Hogan. Mick has, in the past, shared his dislike and criticism of Hogan’s in-ring style, but growing older can do funny things to you. Now he’s sees more than just the persona, he sees the lives Hogan’s character has touched and the inspiration he has brought to many.

WWE MITB Predictions –

The WWE staff is sharing their predictions for this Sunday’s MITB PPV. Stayed tuned to this site as our own Alex Wright will be giving his predictions.


NXT Preview 6/26/14


The Whole F’N Show comes to NXT.

Tonight on NXT at 9PM ET on the WWE Network, Rob Van Dam ventures into the NXT Arena for a high flying clash with the NXT Champion, the Man That Gravity Forgot, Adrian Neville. Neville is coming off of two successful championship defenses against Tyson Kidd and Van Dam may be the most decorated superstar he has faced since coming to WWE.

Last week on NXT, the tag team of the 20’s, the 1920’s that is, the Vaudevillians made their debut. Comprised of the Drama King Aiden English and his new parter Simon Gotch, these gentlemen grapplers showed off one of the most unique entrances in sports entertainment and an act that could get over huge with the smarks. English has been in NXT for some time and Gotch for those who don’t know played a similar character on the independents as Ryan Drago. Good news! You can see them again on tonight’s NXT!

Speaking of debuts, a new NXT diva hits the scene tonight as Becky Lynch makes her debut against Summer Rae. Lynch formerly competed on the independent circuit as Rebecca Knox and is another acclaimed female grappler joining the already stellar NXT women’s division.

Here’s the full lineup for tonight’s show:

  • The Vaudevillians in action
  • Bull Dempsey vs. Xavier Woods
  • Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae
  • Big Cass vs. Sawyer Fulton
  • Rob Van Dam vs. Adrian Neville

NXT airs at 9PM ET tonight on the WWE Network following the WWE Network premiere of Total Divas Season 1 at 8PM ET. The head to head lineup with Impact Wrestling includes WWE Superstars following NXT at 10PM. Tonight’s matchups: Adam Rose vs. Heath Slater and Rybaxel vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods.

Savior in the Bank

When the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship were unified at TLC last December, the ramifications were felt all down the WWE roster.

The idea behind unification was to consolidate the “power structure” at the top of the card. Instead of having main eventers divided, with some chasing the WWE title and some chasing the WHC, they would all have a singular focus. As added motivation, despite protestations from WWE superstars that one title wasn’t superior than the other, the truth had been clear for some time: the WHC would always be the number two belt. Having one main belt for all the top guys to pursue just made more sense.

An added benefit was that wrestlers who existed on the fringe of the WWE and WHC title pictures could now serve to elevate the long-diminished Intercontinental and U.S. Championships. Unfortunately, the flip side of that notion is that these guys were essentially being demoted relative to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (“WWEWHC”), and were more or less devalued as serious contenders. Since December, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto del Rio, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Big Show, and Rob Van Dam have all been moved away from the title picture, to varying degrees.

Since Randy Orton and John Cena had their unification bout seven months ago, nine WWE superstars have either had a shot at the WWEWHC or have seriously associated themselves with the strap. While nine guys orbiting around the WWEWHC sounds like a perfectly adequate title picture, five of those nine are no longer actively wrestling.

Daniel Bryan: indefinite injured reserve
Batista: indefinite hiatus
Triple H: returned his focus to Authority-related matters following his conditional Wrestlemania XXX title shot
Brock Lesnar: on a super-part-time schedule (never got a title match, but declared his desire for the belt)
Christian: he’s injured, right? Probably.

This doesn’t even take into account the surprise vaporization of title picture mainstay CM Punk.

Furthermore, the four remaining guys aren’t without their own issues.

Randy Orton: The top heel in the company after a SummerSlam MITB cash-in, his character has been undermined since being christened the “face of the company” by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Orton’s primary issue is that once he became the Authority’s hand-picked champ, he lost all autonomy. Instead, Orton is merely a stand-in for the Authority’s wishes and Triple H’s seemingly constant flirtations with other potential “faces” (Batista, Seth Rollins, Trips himself, and even John Cena), give credence to the notion that Orton really can’t hack it as a top guy. Naturally, being cast as desperately clinging to his “favorite son” status, Orton has come off as insecure. That insecurity has manifested itself in the worst ways, as he’s needed help from every Triple H crony from Billy Gunn to Shawn Michaels to retain his title.

Recently, while the Evolution reunion was cool, it further damaged Orton’s status. Triple H was the unquestioned leader and Batista got over as a somewhat-fresh face with a hilariously trollish attitude. This left Randy Orton to be the “third guy,” and without a specific role other than to round out the numbers. Furthermore, as Triple H has proven that he can still go (and go hard) in the ring, as long as Randy Orton serves as an arm of the Authority he can never be a true top heel, as Triple H will have the final say-so, backstage as well as between the ropes.

Kane: Everything said about Randy Orton goes double for Kane. All the issues Orton has due to being an underling for the Authority, apply even moreso, as Kane is even lower on the totem pole than Orton. Kane did manage to get a bit of his mojo back with his re-masking and title shot against Daniel Bryan, but the fact remains that he’s spent the better part of his post-Wyatt return having his hands full playing office politics with Brad Maddox.

The bottom line is that Kane looked way too at home getting squashed alongside Road Dogg and Billy Gunn at Wrestlemania XXX at the hands of the Shield.

Hit the jump for a look at the last two main event guys and how this could all change at Money in the Bank. Continue reading →

The Morning Roundup 6/26/14


Jinder Mahal Opens Up About Release –

One of the most recent talents released from WWE sat down for an interview with Slam Wrestling this week. The main theme of the interview, both Jinder and former tag team partner and fellow unemployed talent Drew McIntyre, are looking for work wherever they can find it. They’re open to both ROH and New Japan. Hopefully we will see the return of 2MB sometime in the near future.

Heyman Explains CM Punk’s Exit – Talk Is Jericho

Paul Heyman was featured on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and opened up about exactly why CM Punk left the WWE Universe crying in the streets. I highly recommend listening to this one. The reason: he lost his passion. Plain and simple. All I know is, if I looked like this and was married to that, I’d be spending more and more time at home and less time at work too.

D-Bry on MITB Kickoff –

For the first time since being stripped of his titles due to injury, Daniel Bryan will be appearing on the MITB kickoff show this Sunday on the WWE Network to answer fan questions and speak out against The Authorities action’s as of late. Hopefully we will also get an injury update and possible return time. I miss the bearded little guy. And just in case you do too, hopefully this will hold you over.

Bound for Tokyo


TNA’s self proclaimed biggest show of the year is coming to the Rising Sun this October.

Bound For Glory will emanate from Tokyo, Japan’s Korakeun Hall on October 12th. TNA made the announcement at a press conference in New York City today with Keiji Mutoh aka the Great Muta, so you’d have to think Muta’s Wrestle-1 Promotion will be involved in some shape or form.

It was also announced that Team 3D’s TNA Hall of Fame induction would take place on the show.

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