Monday Night Raw Preview 6/30/14

What a wild night at Money in the Bank! Lots of questions and wait-and-sees following yesterday’s action, so you KNOW Raw will be packed to the gills with hot action and breathtaking developments. Hartford, CT is where it all goes down LIVE! Some pre-show notes to get you in the mood (Money in the Bank spoilers below):

  • Order Has Been Restored: John Cena has now claimed his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship! The end of Money in the Bank teased a Cena vs. the Authority angle, though tonight we will find out tonight just what the Authority thinks of Cena as champ. Randy Orton is probably going to stake a claim to the belt, but it remains to be seen if any of the other six men from last night’s title match will do the same.
  • Big Bad Red Machine: The Authority’s Favorite Demon Kane not only played a huge role in the two headlining matches last night, but looked great doing it. Kane completely swung the outcome of the MITB match and dominated long stretches of the title fight. With Kane’s presence growing, it remains to be seen just how long Kane is happy merely assisting guys like Orton and Seth Rollins instead of getting some of the glory for himself.
  • New Directions: With the Rhodes brothers and Rusev getting dominant wins for the second time against the same opponents last night, perhaps tonight they get new angles for the lead up to WWE Battleground. Same goes for Paige. Now that’s she beaten both Funkadactyls, it might be time to let Cameron and Naomi’s feud play itself out away from the Divas title picture. Perhaps Summer Rae’s loss to Layla will free her up to focus on the pink gold.
  • Mr. Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins was just catapulted into the main event scene and he’s dragging Dean Ambrose with him! With Roman Reigns having been camped out there for the past several weeks, all three members of the Shield have successfully transitioned from stable life to the spotlight.

That’s it — enjoy the MITB fallout tonight and be sure to check back here at CDW for the “Day After” report and all your wrestling news and analysis needs!

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