Money in the Bank Preview

Money in the Bank is only two days away! Always action-packed, this year’s edition should be no different, as there are still two ladder matches, only in addition to a traditional MITB match, the other is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! It’ all going down in Boston, MA, so let’s break it down match-by-match:

1. Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Participants: John Cena, Cesaro, Alberto del Rio, Kane, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt

This was discussed some yesterday here on CDW, but this match could go any number of ways. Six of the eights wrestlers in the match have a legitimate shot at winning the title, depending on the direction WWE wants to go with the belts. If WWE feels it needs a tried-and-true titleholder, Cena, Kane, and Orton are the likely candidates; however, if the time is right for a fresh new face at the top of the card, then suddenly Cesaro, Reigns, and Wyatt become the favorites (sorry ADR and Sheamus).

Prediction: With Daniel Bryan’s status in flux and the WWE’s bottom line suffering, the John Cena security blanket reemerges and the Champ is Here Again. Expect Triple H to interfere, costing Reigns the title and setting up a Triple H-Roman Reigns program to culminate at SummerSlam. Also, a  major shakeup within the ranks of the Authority is looking likely, as Randy Orton and Kane will be in direct competition.

2. Traditional MITB Match
Participants: Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett (?), Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Jack Swagger, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler

With this match built around Seth Rollins, expect him and Dean Ambrose to be the stars of the bout. The makeup of this match is fluid at the moment, as Bad News Barrett injured his shoulder earlier this week. His status for the MITB match is doubtful. It remains to be seen if he will be replaced in the match, compete in a limited role, or the match will roll on with only six competitors.

Curious wrinkle: Seth Rollins begging Triple H to put Dean Ambrose in the MITB match. One possibility is a turn from either Deam Ambrose or Seth Rollins, though either is equally likely. If Roman Reigns wins the title, the Shield could reunite and protect the title with either Ambrose or Rollins holding the briefcase or Ambrose could win the briefcase and cash-in on former ally Reigns. Either way, expecting major movement from the former Shield members.

Prediction: Prior to Barrett’s injury, it looked like BNB was primed to take advantage of the two favorites (Rollins and Ambrose) canceling each other out and win the contract. With Barrett likely out on Sunday, expect Rollins to walk away with the guaranteed title shot.

3. WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Champions: the Usos
Challengers: the Wyatt Family

Clearly the top two tag teams in the WWE today, the Usos and the Wyatt Family have seemingly been at each others’ throats forever. As a reward for their constant toiling, Erik Rowan and Luke Harper have finally earned their first crack at the tag team gold (copper?).

Prediction: Rowan and Harper have been given some separation from their leader Bray Wyatt, getting their own entrance music and more mic time for Luke Harper. It feels like Bray’s minions are about to get their moment out in front. The Wyatt Family wins.

Hit the jump for the undercard and a look at the pre-show!

4. WWE Divas Championship Match
Champion: Paige
Challenger: Naomi

Paige has been beefing with both Funkadactyls as of late, but the good news for Paige is that the Funkadactyls have also been beefing among themselves. Naomi gets her first title shot against Paige, despite protests from Cameron.

Prediction: Paige retains and there’s an all-out brawl between Cameron and Naomi. Also, why are Cameron and Naomi still the Funkadactyls? They’ve outlasted Brodus Clay, Tensai, and probably Xavier Woods — it’s time to give them a fresh look/gimmick. Also, let’s hope their breakup goes better than Tons of Funk.

5. Stardust & Goldust vs. Rybaxel

Cody finally found the perfect partner for Goldust…himself! In makeup! The re-united Rhodes brothers already scored a win over Rybaxel, but want to do so again on a bigger stage.

Prediction: The Dust Brothers romp and much brotherly love is had. Maybe we get an American Dream sighting? One can only hope.

6. Rusev vs. Big E

Man, Big E really needs a win here. Rusev has been tearing up the WWE as of late, his only loss coming in a battle royal, where he came in second to Roman Reigns, who wasn’t even supposed to be in the match. Also, LANA will be ringside.

Prediction: Big E gets the pinfall, setting up a blowoff match at WWE Battleground.

7. Layla vs. Summer Rae with Fandango as Special Guest Referee

Layla and Summer Rae have been fighting over the services of Fandango for a while now, so it’s only natural that these ladies settle their score in the squared circle. Fandango has the unenviable task of having to choose between one of these gorgeous gals, though he can take solace in the fact there really isn’t a wrong choice.

Prediction: Either way, the real winner is Fandango. Fortune has smiled on you, Johnny Curtis.

Pre-show Address by Daniel Bryan

The Dazzler breaks his silence for the first time since being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He’s no doubt incensed, but more importantly the WWE universe is likely to get a medical update and hopefully a timetable for the American Dragon’s return.

Money in the Bank goes down Sunday, June 29th at 8pm (7 central), with the pre-show kicking things off a half-hour beforehand.

Enjoy the show, marks!

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