WWE Raw Pre-Show Panel Compares Daniel Bryan to RGIII

Image Credit: WWE.com

Earlier this evening on the Raw pre-show, panelist Booker T compared then WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan rushing back to action from his very real neck injury if he were medically cleared, to the rush to return from knee surgery last season by Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III. Obviously, since the pre-show aired the decision to strip Bryan of the Championship was decided, so Bryan should take the appropriate amount of time to heal up, however it was an interesting moment for wrestling fans in the MD/DC/VA area.

After Alex Riley suggested if Bryan was medically cleared to perform he should, this exchange took place:

Booker T: “Just like RGIII right? Just like RGIII, throw him in the game. Look at him now, the guy’s career is on the…that’s what you’re talking about right.”

Alex Riley (son of Kevin Kiley): “Listen, RGIII’s career isn’t over…”

Josh Matthews: “I don’t know if the comparison is fair, Daniel Bryan to Robert Griffin the Quarterback.”

Booker T: “Why not? I mean it’s a position that’s uh, highly, um, gonna be taking a lot of contact. Daniel Bryan’s gonna have to go out there and perform some of the same moves that he went out there performed at Wrestlemania. To go out there and be anywhere near, you know on top of his game, there is no way he can go out there and put himself in jeopardy, without going out there and hurting that neck and ending his career, PERMANENTLY.”

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