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JBL & Cole Show #74- Bad News in the Cards

Two weeks removed from the end of the trial of Cody Rhodes and the #FreeCody movement reigns supreme on @CodyRhodesWWE Telethon aka the JBL & Cole Show Featuring Renee Young, as evidenced by his sweet celebratory dance moves. However, it looks like bad news is afoot for the duo of Cody Rhodes and Bad News Barrett.

To catch you up briefly, Rhodes was on trial for his life in Wrestler’s Court with JBL trying the Prince for “burglary and slander” as the search for Big Clem Layfield took over the show. Cody’s fate laid in the hands of the WWE Universe and when the vote was put to the people #FreeCody prevailed. Naturally, JBL wasn’t happy with the results and was caught badmouthing the Authority by Stephanie McMahon who suggested JBL employe his nephew Clem as his assistant going forward.

This week in an effort to have Bad News Barrett on the receiving end of some bad news of his own, Cody took Barrett to a fortune teller who revealed a plot may be conspiring against these unlikely allies.

I’ve said it before, but i’ll say it again, if you haven’t been following Cody’s performing and directoral efforts on the Slammy Award winning YouTube series, you’ve been missing out.  The show is a consistently entertaining part of each week. Here’s hoping a WWE Network spin off is in the works.

Check out the show, let Cody, Wade, & JBL know you’ve been enjoying it, and most importantly spread the word!

The Morning Roundup – 4/28/2014

#FlyingElbowsBeforeHoesLet us start a new week out on a good note.  How do we do that?  We talk about wrestling and show you some links all about wrestling.  You’re welcome.  Lets get this started.

Barrett Stock – Wrestling, Inc.

As a fan of Barrett, I like what I am reading.   I was one of those clowns that liked him as the leader of Nexus and as a singles competitor in the months after his split.  He is big guy, good charisma, and can flat-out wrestle.  Vince will love him, no matter what.  The sign of a top guy is when they can get over a gimmick that shouldn’t.   How simple is #badnewsbarrett, yet he makes it complex and perfect.

CM Punk News – LOP

He is by far the most covered man to not currently wrestle inside the squared circle.  Its news if goes a ball game, favorites a tweet, or is named by a WWE Hall of Famer.  Welp, another weekend and here we go.  This week, “Superstar” Billy Graham gives the nod to Punk returning at Summerslam.   Listen, there is no reason to believe this.  The only man who decides, or even knows, when Phil is going to come back, it’s CM Punk himself.  He had said for the last 12-18 months he was going to retire early.  He told you people, you just did not listen.  It was clear his last goal was to headline Wrestlemania, nothing more, nothing less.  When he found out it would be another year before that would happen, he decided to head home.  Why not?   That’s how you get to main event, to be honest.

Sting V Taker – CDW

This is a repost from yesterday.

TNA Sacrifice Results


TNA held it’s second PPV of the year this evening in Orlando, FL with four title matches and two new champions crowned. Let’s get you all caught up on the happenings from tonight’s show.

  • TNA Tag Team Championship- No DQ, Handicap Match: The Wolves defeated the Bromans to win the TNA Tag Team Championship after two double stomps to BroMan Jesse.
  • “Commited Match”: Mr Anderson threw Samuel Shaw into the back of a vehicle from a mental institute for the victory. This was essentially an Ambulance Match. Christy Hemme low blowed Shaw to allow Anderson to hit his finisher for the victory.
  • Willow & Kurt Angle defeated EC3 & Spud. Spud was left to the wolves as EC3 stayed outside as Angle hit the Angle Slam and Willow hit a Swanton for the win.
  • TNA X-Division Championship: Sanada retained over Tigre Uno with a moonsault.
  • I Quit Match: Gunner beat James Storm by stabbing Storm’s cut with a shard of glass.
  • TNA Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love captured the belt over Madison Rayne after Velvet Sky sprayed Hairspray into Rayne’s eyes.
  • Tables Match: Bobby Roode beat Bully Ray after a cameraman, later revealed to be Dixie Carter shoved Bully off the ropes into a table.
  • TNA World Championship: Eric Young retained the championship after hitting Magnus with a piledriver and a top rope elbow.

Sunday Fun Day

So, this showed up on WWE’s offical Youtube yesterday.  The WWE clearly reads the dirt sheets and knows what the people want.  What is the point of this video, though?  Is this them getting people hyped about it happening?  Are they just messing with the IWC?  Or is this something they just put on their page for fun?  I dont know and, to be honest, I dont care.   I, truly, just want this match to happen.  I dont care the Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania because it means he is now more likely to face Sting and is not invincible.  Enjoy this video and your Sunday.  #flyingelbowsbeforehoes

SmackDown Preview 4/25/14

With Daniel Bryan taking some much-needed personal time off, the Shield get a starring role in tonight’s episode of SmackDown! Thus far, the Shield have been on fire since turning into crowd-favorites, and setting them opposite the much-hated Evolution has done wonders for their push.

Another WWE superstar that has emerged in a big way is Cesaro. Breaking free from the Real Americans and teaming with the top manager in the game today is a surefire way for Cesaro to establish himself as a force in the singles division.

Expect big things from big the Shield and Cesaro on tonight’s episode of SmackDown!

Full Card:
The Shield vs. The Gauntlet
Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger
Erick Rowan and Luke Harper vs. The Brotherhood
Santino Marella and Emma vs. Fandango and Layla
Curtis Axel vs. Jey Uso
Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka

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