The Morning Roundup – 4/30/2014

Morning News Roundup 3Wednesday is going to be full of rain.  Great.  Lets go.

Ambrose Sets Record – Wrestling Rumors

Dean Ambrose is now the longest reigning US Champion in WWE history, passing MVP.  He has defended it maybe 3 times in the entire time he has had it, not making him much of a champion.  They put the belt on him during the Shields’ first big push, and never made him lose it.  The title, while on him, and of no fault of his, is practically dead.  They need it off Ambrose and on a young gun like Rose or Bray to help people actually care about it again.

Benoit Son Debut – LOP

While I wish the kid all the best, he is going to have a tough time succeeding.  While it may be his birth name, he would be smart to stay about from the Benoit last name if he hopes to be successful.

Worst Promo Ever #60 – ColtCabana

I’m back! Colt Cabana Heisler is my indy promo name, if you didn’t already know that.  I am a German Colt Cabana tribute wrestler.  Those are jokes.  I love Marty and Colt on the mic and they continue with gold.  I haven’t updated you in about 40 videos, so you have so many you can watch.  That’s awesome!



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