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WWE Comings and Goings


PWInsider is reporting a couple of NXT releases this afternoon and rumors are swirling that a major japanese superstar may be coming to WWE.

First up, the “goings.”

The biggest name on the list of releases was former main roster superstar Mason Ryan, former member of the New Nexus under CM Punk. Ryan had been pushed in NXT as “The Cardiff Colossus” and last appeared on last week’s episode of NXT, losing to Tyson Kidd.

Also on the chopping block was Shaul Guerrero known in NXT as Racquel Diaz, the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, who was in her second stint in WWE Developmental; Oliver Grey, former tag partner of NXT Champion Adrian Neville; and Danny Burch, who had been with developmental since 2011.

As far as the “comings” go, Pro Wrestling NOAH star KENTA, original purveyor of the GTS, announced he would be leaving the NOAH promotion on May 17th. KENTA recently spent a week at the WWE Performance Center and in his announcement he stated, “there is only one life, and it is now or never to try something new in a different environment,” leading many to assume that new environment could be a WWE ring.

The Morning Roundup – 4/30/2014

Morning News Roundup 3Wednesday is going to be full of rain.  Great.  Lets go.

Ambrose Sets Record – Wrestling Rumors

Dean Ambrose is now the longest reigning US Champion in WWE history, passing MVP.  He has defended it maybe 3 times in the entire time he has had it, not making him much of a champion.  They put the belt on him during the Shields’ first big push, and never made him lose it.  The title, while on him, and of no fault of his, is practically dead.  They need it off Ambrose and on a young gun like Rose or Bray to help people actually care about it again.

Benoit Son Debut – LOP

While I wish the kid all the best, he is going to have a tough time succeeding.  While it may be his birth name, he would be smart to stay about from the Benoit last name if he hopes to be successful.

Worst Promo Ever #60 – ColtCabana

I’m back! Colt Cabana Heisler is my indy promo name, if you didn’t already know that.  I am a German Colt Cabana tribute wrestler.  Those are jokes.  I love Marty and Colt on the mic and they continue with gold.  I haven’t updated you in about 40 videos, so you have so many you can watch.  That’s awesome!



The Day After: Raw 4/28/14


“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

The opening of last night’s RAW was one for the ages.  Now, we know John Cena’s not going to become the villain, but those were the words Cena used as he was center ring inside the steel cage to counterpoint Bray Wyatt’s similarly staged promo this past Friday on SmackDown.  Serious Cena wanted to know “WHY?” his beloved Cenation placed him into an adverse situation last Monday on Raw.  As if he’d almost come full circle, Cena questioned how 10 years ago in St. Louis he was cheered wildly and now they boo him.  Why?  Cena was then interrupted by the voice of a child, then a choir of children, and then a choir of children…led by Bray Wyatt.  As Wyatt led the members (presumably) of the Wyatt Family Summer Camp Talent Show to the ringside area, they soon donned the familiar sheep mask and creeped John Cena and the collective WWE Universe the F out.  The visual was just outstanding.

While it has been an erratic build at times, I’m still loving this Wyatt/Cena feud.  After John Cena’s Smile Time Photoshop Slide Show promo two weeks ago that almost lost me, they’ve reeled me back big time.  When you combine that slide show with Cena’s final promo last night where he slipped in a donkey joke, he’s subtly falling right into what Bray Wyatt says he does by hiding behind his defense mechanism of jokes to hide his fear. The character is trying to hide how much the opening segment got to him.  It’s no secret that the largest portion of the Cena fanbase are kids, so the symbolism of Bray Wyatt laughing maniacally with a child right in the Cena demo on his lap, as a choir of children sing with the Eater of Worlds should have the John Cena character visibly shaken.

What WWE has done here also is wonderfully set up clear stakes for John Cena in this cage match: he can’t let Bray Wyatt and his ideas escape that steel cage and take over WWE.  Now, I’m clearly a Wyatt Family fanboy, but Bray Wyatt has to win Sunday at Extreme Rules, it’s the only outcome that can progress the story.  If Cena overcomes the odds yet again, where do they go? Even if the Wyatt feud is over, with a loss it sets Cena on a more interesting story arc, having failed the one thing he had left, the Cenation.

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The Morning Roundup – 4/29/2014

Ultimo-Dragon-J-CrownI have to say, I do not like Tuesday that much.  Its no where near the weekend, it has no wrestling during it, and I’m always tired.  Oh well, lets wrestle.

EY Title Defense – LOP

EY is going to defend his title Thursday on Impact against an unknown opponent.  I do not know if this man will get announced ahead of time, or during the program, but it is going to happen.  This is an interesting title run and has my attention if nothing more just to see what happens next.  I like EY, he deserves this.

Rose and Big E – Wrestling, Inc

Watch the interview on Big E and just know that Adam Rose is debuting last week.  I’ve talked enough about Rose, if you forget, go back to the weekend and read what I had to say.

Raw Highlight – WWE on Youtube

Bray Wyatt.  John Cena.  Children’s chorus.  Just watch, you’re welcome.

Monday Night Raw Preview 4/28/14

Monday Night Raw is coming to you live from St. Louis, MO! With less than a week until Extreme Rules, this episode of Raw is packed full of good stuff in anticipation of this weekend’s card. Some pre-show notes:

  •  Tag Team Title Match: The Usos put the belts on the line against the suddenly-hot team of Ryback and Curtis Axel aka Rybaxel. It’s curious that this match is going down tonight instead of this weekend at Extreme Rules, so expect some shenanigans that lead to a rematch for this Sunday.
  • Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam: Speaking of title matches this Sunday, the winner of the IC No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament will face Big E for the IC strap at Extreme Rules. Tonight is the final match of the tournament, pitting BNB against RVD.
  • Evolution Still Evolving?: A curious tweet by Triple H earlier today intimated that Ric Flair would be in the building tonight, reprising his role as the learned professor of Evolution. After the Shield dispatched a sizable portion of the WWE roster twice last week, it makes sense that Triple H would need to look outside the WWE’s immediate confines to deal with the Shield.
  • Daniel Bryan is Back: After suffering a brutal beating at the hands of a revitalized Kane last week, D-Bry has vowed to get revenge on the Big Red Monster tonight, as well as defend his title this weekend. It’s worth keeping an eye on how Brie Bella is used in this feud as well as the idea that the Authority has indeed lost some control over Kane.
  • Wolverine is In the Building: Years removed from his run-in with Dolph Ziggler, Hugh Jackman makes his triumphant return to Raw! It seems as though he’s made peace with Ziggler over Twitter, but may have stoked the ire of one Damien Sandow.

Enjoy the show tonight marks, and be sure to check back here tomorrow for the “Day After” report and all your news and analysis needs!

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