Monday Night Raw Preview 3/31/14

Get ready, marks — Wrestlemania XXX is almost here! But before we get to the Showcase of the Immortals, there’s the little matter of the go-home episode of Monday Night Raw! With all feuds at a fever pitch, WWE descends on Washington, D.C. to give the Wrestlemania momentum one last kick in the pants. Some pre-show notes:

  • Final Faceoff: Let’s be honest, Undertaker has made Brock Lesnar look like a chump in both of their face-to-face meetings thus far. I don’t mean this in a “Brock’s being buried” way, just that the Dead Man has dominated the Beast Incarnate physically (choke slam) and mentally (casket psych-out). In fact, as of now, Paul Heyman’s scored more points in this feud than Brock himself. Tonight is Brock’s last chance to give the WWE universe any hope that the streak will end on Sunday.
  • Return of the Dazzler: A wounded Daniel Bryan was held off of Raw last Monday. It was a curious choice (that was probably correct), but there’s no way D-Bry misses the final episode before his (possible) two-match performance at Wrestlemania XXX. With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon getting nuclear heat, as well as Randy Orton and Batista serving as perfect underling foils, the stage is set for Daniel Bryan to unite the WWE universe and get an epic Wrestlemania moment. The catapult will be loaded tonight.
  • Psych 101: After last week’s disturbing attack on John Cena, the Wyatt Family has to be well into the head of Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. If John is to gain some of that mental edge back from Bray and Co., he needs to launch an offensive of his own, and do so quickly. As in, tonight.
  • Old Friends, New Connections: It had been bubbling beneath the surface since their return, but the New Age Outlaws are now officially in cahoots with the Authority. After last week’s reveal (having the Outlaws come out in suits was a great touch), expect a big ramp-up in preparation for the Shield/Authority six-man tag match at Wrestlemania.
  • Diva’s Wrestlemania Match: How does it work? Maybe we find out tonight.
  • Wrestlemania XXX is less than a week away! This Sunday will see a culmination of some great stories and programs; tonight we’ll see the finishing touches applied before the big day.

Enjoy the show, everybody! Be sure to check back here at CDW for the “Day After” report and all your WRESTLEMANIA news and analysis!

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