Daniel Bryan talks the YES Movement, Mania and More on Chad Dukes vs The World


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From growing up in Aberdeen, Washington to the WWE, and everywhere in between. Daniel Bryan has been riding an amazing wave of support, recently christened the “YES Movement”,  for the past year-plus into New Orleans for WrestleMania XXX on April 6th. One of, if not THE, most over superstars in WWE joined our own Chad Dukes on Chad Dukes versus the World last night on 106.7 The Fan to promote WrestleMania XXX and Raw this coming Monday LIVE in Washington DC.

Check out the full interview above and hit the cut for all the pertinent quotes from the leader of the YES Movement.

Bryan’s skill in the ring alone should have been enough to endear him to WWE audiences. Widely considered one of the best wrestler in the world, Bryan is now undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable wrestlers as well and it’s thanks in part to one word  that’s taken popular culture by storm. “YES! YES! YES!”  What started as a way when Bryan was a heel to tweak crowds has turned into a cross over phenomenon. Could the Dazzler ever imagine that this phrase would take off and become what it is today?

Oh, no. And I feel like most things that happen organically, most people don’t start off thinking it’s going to be anything like that. It’s crazy how it’s all evolved and how it’s all happened and the whole thing about sports teams doing it and that sort of thing, literally it blows my mind. Who would have thought? The whole thing is pretty surreal to me.

Anyone who follows the “dirt sheets” and wrestling news sites know that backstage gossip, true or untrue, is a formula for clicks and page views. Whether the backstage politicking we read about on these sites are true, it makes you wonder with how rabid the WWE Universe has become for Daniel Bryan have any other grapplers feelings been hurt by fans desire to chant his name throughout the WWE broadcasts.

Chad: Does it cause any frayed relationships or anything in the back when guys are out there wrestling, and time and time again you hear the crowd chanting for you? It’s almost as if the WWE Universe wants you to wrestle for all three hours of Raw, all the dark matches, everything. I’ve never seen anything like this!

Bryan: Nobody’s ever come up to me and said anything. Nobody’s ever come up to me and said, “Hey! I’m sick and tired of these people cheering for you during my match!” But I mean there’s nothing that you really can say, you know, it’s not my fault people are doing it. I didn’t start an internet petition to say “chant for me during everybody else’s matches” or anything like that. It’s crazy and that’s one of the beautiful things about wrestling. Man, people can just go out there and do what they want, you know what I mean. It’s such a unique art form in the sense that it’s, you go out there and it’s live and anything can happen and the crowd can do anything and you just don’t know what’s gonna happen at the end of the show and all that kind of stuff. It’s really fun and the crowd participation just makes it more unique.

One of the biggest stories so far in 2014 has been the WWE Universe’s reaction to Daniel Bryan’s Royal Rumble snub. Next Sunday on PPV, Daniel Bryan has a chance at redemption, when he faces Triple H with a chance at being in the WrestleMania XXX championship match if he’s successful. Bryan talked a bit about his campaigning to be inserted into the Rumble match.

It’s just interesting that they, that they would not allow me to be in the Royal Rumble. I knew I was going to have the match with Bray Wyatt and it was fun because I was actually doing a string of interviews, probably the Thursday before the Royal Rumble, and I kept telling them, “As of now I’m not in the Royal Rumble but I want to be in the Royal Rumble. If anybody can make any noise or any headway as far as me being in the Royal Rumble, I wanna do it.” Stuff like that is the frustrating part about wrestling. You just want opportunities. You want a fair opportunity to just go out there and do your best. So if you’re good enough to be in the main event, if you can do everything you need to do then hey, let me do that.

One of the biggest story threads this season on Total Divas has been Bryan & fiancée Brie Bella’s decision to rent a private bus and allow the Total Divas cast and crew to share the space. As a result the cameras and drama are always on even during Bryan’s down time.

The cameras are actually filming me now as we’re doing this. We are doing this and we are being filmed as we do this. Not only that but our little dog Josie is trying to attack the boom that’s hanging above the bed. So yeah, it’s just interesting because like there are days, a day like today, where I should be able to relax be at home, be getting ready for WrestleMania but here we are. Actually today we’re doing some cake testing and food tasting. Which is fun right? It’s a lot of fun, we’re in this beautiful cabin right by a creek, and all this stuff, but it’s funny, yeah these are times that should be down time for a lot of people but we’re off doing stuff. But a lot of it’s fun stuff. I probably would have never gotten the bus had I not been pushed to do it by Brie and the show and all that kind of stuff.

Luckily for Bryan he doesn’t have to worry about being ribbed for things like wedding cake tastings or registry shopping being shown on Total Divas because he’s developed a way to stop the jokes right in their path.

People tend to not rib me in general, and I think it’s a penchant I have for when people do something like that I kick them in the groin. So people stopped ribbing me a very long time ago and I think that that’s why. “Oh yeah that’s real funny-WHACK!” Because that is always funnier than any rib you put on or any jokes you put on somebody.

Thanks to Daniel Bryan for joining Chad on the show! Make sure you follow Daniel Bryan on Twitter at @WWEDanielBryan, check him out at Raw Monday at the Verizon Center in Washington DC, and order the WWE Network or WrestleMania XXX on PPV to see Daniel Bryan possibly doing double duty as he takes on Triple H with a chance at the main event on the line.

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