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Monday Night Raw Preview 3/31/14

Get ready, marks — Wrestlemania XXX is almost here! But before we get to the Showcase of the Immortals, there’s the little matter of the go-home episode of Monday Night Raw! With all feuds at a fever pitch, WWE descends on Washington, D.C. to give the Wrestlemania momentum one last kick in the pants. Some pre-show notes:

  • Final Faceoff: Let’s be honest, Undertaker has made Brock Lesnar look like a chump in both of their face-to-face meetings thus far. I don’t mean this in a “Brock’s being buried” way, just that the Dead Man has dominated the Beast Incarnate physically (choke slam) and mentally (casket psych-out). In fact, as of now, Paul Heyman’s scored more points in this feud than Brock himself. Tonight is Brock’s last chance to give the WWE universe any hope that the streak will end on Sunday.
  • Return of the Dazzler: A wounded Daniel Bryan was held off of Raw last Monday. It was a curious choice (that was probably correct), but there’s no way D-Bry misses the final episode before his (possible) two-match performance at Wrestlemania XXX. With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon getting nuclear heat, as well as Randy Orton and Batista serving as perfect underling foils, the stage is set for Daniel Bryan to unite the WWE universe and get an epic Wrestlemania moment. The catapult will be loaded tonight.
  • Psych 101: After last week’s disturbing attack on John Cena, the Wyatt Family has to be well into the head of Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. If John is to gain some of that mental edge back from Bray and Co., he needs to launch an offensive of his own, and do so quickly. As in, tonight.
  • Old Friends, New Connections: It had been bubbling beneath the surface since their return, but the New Age Outlaws are now officially in cahoots with the Authority. After last week’s reveal (having the Outlaws come out in suits was a great touch), expect a big ramp-up in preparation for the Shield/Authority six-man tag match at Wrestlemania.
  • Diva’s Wrestlemania Match: How does it work? Maybe we find out tonight.
  • Wrestlemania XXX is less than a week away! This Sunday will see a culmination of some great stories and programs; tonight we’ll see the finishing touches applied before the big day.

Enjoy the show, everybody! Be sure to check back here at CDW for the “Day After” report and all your WRESTLEMANIA news and analysis!

Dave Bautista on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show WrestleMania Spectacular


The awesome interviews just keep on coming.

In this sneak peek of next Sunday’s Chad Dukes Wrestling Show WrestleMania Spectacular, Dave Bautista stops by to chat with Chad Dukes in an epic, nearly 30 minute interview covering a wide range of topics. From Guardians of the Galaxy and his movie career, the details of his WWE return, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, new stars that impress the Animal, and his MMA fight- Dukes and Drax cover it all.  I’m not being overly hyperbolic when I say this interview is a must listen.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Chad Dukes Show Wrestling WrestleMania Spectacular will air Sunday April 6th, WrestleMania Sunday, at 8AM on 106.7 The Fan DC.  Chad will have two big time guests on the show, the aforementioned Dave Bautista and Shield member Roman Reigns.  Also, we’ll have panel discussion previewing WrestleMania XXX with Chad;  2 Guys, a Goat, and a Sports Show’s Homer McFanboy & Loud Goat; and yours truly, Louis Tully.  The best part is you’ll be able to catch it on the radio in the DC Metro Area on 106.7 The Fan and streaming on the 106.7 The Fan’s website. The show will also be available for podcast download on the Fan’s site and right here at Dukes Wrestling

HUGE thank you to Dave Bautista for coming in studio, on his weekend, in inclement weather, to record this interview.  Very generous giving of his time.  Follow him on Twitter @DaveBautista, like his Facebook page HERE, and catch him in the main event of WrestleMania XXX on PPV and the WWE Network this Sunday.

I’m not going to spoil the entire interview by spelling out everything discussed below, but if you’re looking for some juicy tidbits to whet your appetite for listening, hit the cut.

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The Morning Roundup – 3/31/2014

Thats right, that is the Animal Batista showing some love to his buddies over here at Chad Dukes Wrestling.  Big props to Dave for the shout out and always to Chad for everything that he does.  Flying Elbows Before Hoes.  I bought the WWE Network this weekend and am loving it.  NXT alone is worth the price of admission, not to mention all the WCW and ECW matches and PPVs you get to go see.  If you’re thinking of waiting until Mania to pull the trigger, don’t wait. Sign up and check it out!

Sin Cara No More – LOP

I must have missed this last week, and I’m mad at myself because of it.  As your #1 source for Sin Cara news, I should have been all over this.  As you know, the saga of Sin Cara has been going on for months.  The orginial Sin Cara got hurt and all signs pointed to him never come back.  Then, Sin Cara showed up on Raw, but turns out it was a different guy under the mask once again.  Sin Cara stays on TV but the old Sin Cara shows up in Mexico wrestling, crazy I know.  Well, it looks like the Original Sin Cara finally got his wish and has been out right released from the WWE.  In other news, JTG still has a job.

The Yes! Movement – WWE on Youtube

I guess there are people out there that are not familiar with the Yes! movement.  Those people should not be your friend.  The Yes movement is the best thing the WWE has going because of its organic roots.  I do like the animation and like how the hair easily identifies the characters.  I’m looking at you Sheamus when I say that.  It’s a fun little video, check it out.

Ashes of Chikara – Youtube

It’s coming back people.  Chikara will live on.  I can’t say enough about this promotion.  Promos like this keep the Indys alive and keep guys pushing for the top.  This is awesome.

Roddy Piper talks Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies, WrestleMania, and More with Chad Dukes Versus The World


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Rowdy Roddy Piper, WWE Hall of Famer and a legendary name in the world of professional wrestling and entertainment in general, joined our own Chad Dukes on Chad Dukes versus the World Friday night on 106.7 The Fan to discuss his new film Pro Wrestlers versus Zombies, WrestleMania XXX, Dean Ambrose, the idea of Hot Rod mentoring Drew McIntryre and reflects on the circumstances surrounding his confrontations with Mr. T.

The film is currently on a limited theatrical run, visit Pro Wrestlers vs. for details and to pre-order the DVD, features other luminaries from the wrestling world such as: Matt Hardy, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Shane Douglas and Kurt Angle.  Piper sounded reluctant to join up at first, but once he heard the names involved and the tone of the film he couldn’t resist and ended up having a ton of fun shooting. “We kinda came into it as a comedy,” Piper tells Dukes, “There’s just a coconut laying around in the jail, so I used it!” What’s really cool is that the wrestlers in the movie all performed their own stunts and no CGI was used. It got so real during the filming Piper accidentally sent one of the zombies to the hospital.

This poor kid he came in to the kitchen part of the jail, he had a bandage around his head like he was a zombie and I thought, “Okay,” and I saw a kitchen pot, and I threw him onto the table and I was hitting him in the head. But I mean it was going CLANG, but I thought I was hitting the steel of the sink part, but I wasn’t, I was hitting his head! Poor kid, and that gauze, white gauze, blood started coming out and I go, “that’s really good, these guys are good. Somehow they got that blood there.” “Cut! Can somebody call an ambulance!” I’ll just go back to my trailer now.

He was a really sweet kid, I wouldn’t of hurt nobody like that I thought I was hitting the sink.

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The Morning Roundup – 3/29/2013


I must apologize, I completely missed the Roundup for you guys yesterday.  I’m sorry, I am so very sorry.  I got swamped at work and did not have a chance to roundup your news, it is all on me.  So, since it is Saturday morning and I’m up earlier, I’d like to pay you guys back.  Here we go!

TNA Progress – LOP

Some progress is better than no progress.  After last week’s poorly viewed Impact Wrestling, the show bounced back a little bit this week.  This number is still dwarfed by the WWE but it’s not hard to believe.  TNA continues to struggle to get eyes on their program, and no matter who they bring back, the fans are just not there.  What really hurts, is when you get “YES!” chants throughout the broadcast.  In the heat of the Monday Night Wars, you rarely, if ever, heard chants of the rival shows on the home broadcast.  If your biggest crowd reactions are from your rival crowd, you have problems.

Willow’s Home – TNA on Youtube

This doesn’t help  your ratings much either.  I do not really understand what TNA is trying to accomplish with Williow, outside of rip of the Wyatts, but it’s just not working for me.  His laughing and odd poetry seems to be an odd turn for even Jeff Hardy and just does not seem to be making a big Impact.  I respect TNA for trying something new, sort of, but they need to turn this around or Williow will flop.   For the uninformed, this clip was Part 5 of EC III’s journey through the woods, truly, to find the believed home of Willow.  This will help your ratings.

Count them Down – WWE

The 30 best matches in Wrestlemania history.    I completely agree with #1.  It had history, it had showmanship, it had great atmosphere, but most importantly, without a doubt, it is the #1 match because it told a story.  Never have I felt so a part of the match and could feel how the match was going.  Close call after close call after close call made it ever so sweet.  Every wrestler till the end of time should work to out do that match.

Cena v Wyatt Promo – Youtube

Just for fun, for you guys.  This is one of the strongest stories going in to Wrestlemania as both sides are putting themselves in to the feud.  The WWE itself has done a great job promoting the match, I have to admit, this is my favorite promo I have found so far.  From my endless internet searching last night, I found this user-created promo that is just top-notch.  Take a look at some of the guy’s other mash-ups, they are awesome.

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