The Hijacking of Raw – Chicago Edition

The WWE has a certified mess on their hands.  They can try to ignore that it is going to happen and assume everything is going to be perfectly fine, but that wont change the inevitable.  Whether the WWE likes it or not, their program this Monday is going to be hijacked by the crowd.  On Monday, March the 3rd, 2014, the WWE is going to launch a live Raw broadcast from the great city of Chicago.  As soon as the cameras go live at 8:00 pm EST, the show will belong to Chicago, 100%.  As the golden boy, CM Punk sits at home, his brethren are going to chant his name, cheer his image, and boo the snot out of his/their enemies for 3+ hours.   Why is this a certainty?  Come with me.

First, we know for a fact that the city of Chicago loves their homegrown boy CM Punk.  No city chants his name louder, and no crowd showers him with love more than Chicago.  It’s his hometown, it makes sense.  What makes Chicago different from other cities that have home-grown talent is Chicago is historically a strong wrestling city and Punk gives back.  First, Chicago is now around the industry as a city that is strong supporter of wrestling.  Even before Punk, Chicago was seen as a place that crowds were hot, respectful, and smart fans.  Now with Punk as “their guy” it’s taken to its peak.  On top of that, Punk gives back to the city.  He has run in their marathon, he frequently visits Cubs and Blackhawks games, and he pushes other local talent like Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa.  Chicago loves CM Punk and CM Punk loves Chicago.

Second, we know that Chicago is not afraid to show this.  In 2011 when Punk was threatening to walk away from the company (foreshadow) and walked into Money in the Bank to challenge John Cena, the place lost it.  They were into every match on the card before the match, and gave one of the loudest crowd reactions in recent memory.  They cheered every Punk move and booed every move by John Cena.  As far as the crowd knew, when the match was over Punk was gone from the company.  Did they boo him for deserting, no, they cheered him for fighting in and from Chicago.  They let him leave through the crowd at the end with the title.  Chicago was blinded by their love for CM Punk and did not care to show it.  Chicago is going to still love Punk Monday, whether he is there or not.

Thrid, we know the crowd is going to take over, because they have to show all the other kids they are better.  What do I mean by that?  Great question.  For the last 2-3 months crowds across the country have been doing their best to take over the show.  I wrote an article a few weeks back about this phenomenon, and I warned you about this coming Monday.  As Louis pointed out about this past week’s Green Bay crowd, all of these crowds want to be “that” crowd.  They want to chant for Randy Savage, Punk, Bryan, and the announcers.  It all started, truly, the night after WM 29 when the crowd in Jersey stole the show.  We loved it then, we hate it now.  Taking over the crowd is something Chicago does, not a small town in Vermont.  That being said, Monday will be their time to shine and show the world Chicago hijack shows better than anyone.

The WWE can feel the heat.  There are talks they plan to distract the crowd with Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Undertaker, and Shield/Wyatts.  This is smart by them, but unlikely to help too much.  They even convinced Breaking Bad and Need for Speed actor Aaron Paul to host Raw.  Terrible idea.  The guy doesn’t stand a chance.  He will be attacked by the crowd.  I’d go far to say that, outside of Cabana, Austin, or Punk, no one would survive that gig.   The crowd will use long matches, short promos, commercial breaks, Network plugs, or really anything to try to take over.  What is the WWE to do?  Let it happen.  Know it, embrace it, and hope it doesn’t last long.  I like to be the man with the answers, but honestly, I don’t know what the WWE is to do.  Sure, they could convince Punk to show up and quiet the crowd, but you can’t let them win, right?

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