Impact Wrestling Preview 2/27/2014


Welcome to the Thursday Night Wars!  Here’s a preview of TNA’s inaugural offering, which has been in the can for weeks.

The opening of the show was highlighted in the Morning Roundup, so be sure to check that out.

MVP will have a full dance card this evening.  First, he’ll oversee the official contract signing for the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World, between Samoa Joe and Magnus at Lockdown.  In the grand tradition of contract signings, we can probably expect someone to go through a table this evening.

Afterwards, MVP will ready himself for singles competition in tonight’s main event, as he will face off against the opposing team captain of Lethal Lockdown, Bobby Roode.

Speaking of Lethal Lockdown, there’s space to fill on both squads… but none of the holes will likely be filled by either Gunner or James Storm, who are on a collision course for Lockdown.  TNA dot com is teasing “all-out war” for the Marine and the Cowboy.

Kurt Angle is due to be the second inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame this evening.  This comes only weeks after the assault by EC3, who now takes credit for ending the career of the Olympic Gold Medalist.  I think we can fully expect another confrontation between the Machine and Dixie’s nephew.

TNA is also advertising that tonight will feature the “latest” on the new tag team champions, following the Wolves beating the Bromans recently at a live event in West Virginia.  I’m very curious to see how this is addressed.  Will TNA recognize that the title change took place stateside?  Will the Bromans still have the belts in the UK?  Perhaps the Bromans will step up and be a part of Team Dixie at Lockdown.  We’ll see what happens.

Also on the show, KO Champ Madison Rayne will team with Velvet Sky against the division’s juggernauts, Alpha Female and Lei’D Tapa.

We’ll likely also hear from Willow once again, and I’ll have nightmares.

This looks like a packed show going up against NXT Arrival.  Set your DVRs, marks.

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