The Morning Roundup – 2/14/2014

Morning News Roundup 3

Snow is melting, wrestling is getting hotter.

Hardy is coming back – LOP

That is just creepy.  I see that they are trying to go for a Wyatt angle, but Hardy does not have the promo skills.  On top of that, it is just straight creepy.  Jeff was a big enough draw on his own,  I do not see why they felt they needed to work in a Willow character.

Bobo Brazil Tribute – WWE on Youtube

WWE continues their salute to African-American wrestlers during Black History month.  I am not familiar with the work of Mr. Brazil, but glad to see WWE showing him some love.  With all the criticism WWE receives, they do a pretty good job of recognizing their wrestlers, and giving them the respect they deserve, for the most part.

Rey Hurt – Wrestling, Inc.

That’s not good.  Rey is definitely on the back-end of his career, and can’t seem to stay healthy.  One of the greatest high-flyers of all-time, it is sad to see he keeps getting “grounded” with knee injuries.  With Sin Cara and Del Rio busting in the WWE universe, WWE very much needs Rey around to hold on to the Hispanic demographic.  If not, they fear losing the grip in the region, and see the end to luchador wrestlers for the coming years.



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