Rumor: Major WWE Star “Walks Out”


Lots of news coming out of last night’s SmackDown tapings in Toledo, Ohio. A major match was announced, a tag team underwent a major change, and new participants for the Elimination Chamber were decided. But perhaps the biggest news this morning is the rumored departure from the company of a MAJOR player. If the reports are accurate this could throw a major change into WWE’s plans for WrestleMania.

The Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly is reporting that CM Punk told Vince McMahon Monday at Raw, he was “going home.” Punk has been removed from future live event advertising on as of now including next week’s Raw and now, February 23rd’s Elimination Chamber. In the site’s subscriber only Bryan and Vinny Show on Tuesday afternoon, Bryan Alvarez hinted that this could be coming when Raw was reportedly re-written to put Daniel Bryan with Triple H in Punk’s absence Monday.

Quotes via Wrestlezone:

“There may be a big change in that the WrestleMania match may be being changed to Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan, as opposed to Triple H vs. CM Punk. Which is why Bryan was written into a promo on Monday that happened to be a promo with Triple H … and there has been absolutely zero mention with CM Punk and Kane, their feud, or anything having to do with it. Bryan may be getting Punk’s match.”

Punk was conspicuously absent from Monday’s Raw and at the time, sites had reported he had the night off.  Punk was rumored to have been scheduled in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match for Monday that would continue his feud with Kane and the Authority.

Lot of angles to look at here, but this could have huge implications. It’s been well documented that is Punk’s contract up in July, but the scuttlebutt on the internet for months is that he’s also been a bit banged up and burned out. Obviously there’s no official word as to if Punk’s decision was precipitated by one incident, is the sum of a number of things catching up with the Second City Saint, if it’s causing bridges to be set fire to, or if it is sanctioned by the Chairman. WWE’s only “confirmation” has been his removal from live events.

Should Punk be only be taking a break, his timing isn’t the worst. After being screwed out of the Rumble by Kane and the Authority, there aren’t a ton of loose ends to clean up. He could easily be written out as injured as a result of Kane’s chokeslam Sunday so WWE has a ready made storyline for his departure and possible return. Another thing to consider is that with the returns of Brock Lesnar, Sheamus, & Batista;  smarks clamoring for Daniel Bryan; and the presumed impending return of the Undertaker; the WWE main event scene is really crowded right now. So if Punk needed to recharge, while disappointing, it would give WWE an opportunity to satiate the fan base’s blood lust for Daniel Bryan to be placed into a major match in New Orleans come April 6th, replacing CM Punk in his long rumored match against Triple H.

Since this is the internet and we love to read into and analyze every thing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out CM Punk’s last two tweets from Sunday evening.


The first tweet, for the uninitiated, sounds like a reference to a legendary Dusty Rhodes promo from 1994. The full quote from the promo is:

“Arn Anderson has never been anything but a walk behinder, and when you walk behind, and you’re not a leader, then the view never changes baby!”

Kind of interesting if you’re into speculation. We’ll obviously montior the sheets, so you don’t have to and bring you any updates as they become available.

10 Comments on "Rumor: Major WWE Star “Walks Out”"

  1. RyanD says:

    @wwe has now unfollowed @cmpunk – take that for what it’s worth

  2. Goat says:

    I REALLY hope this is the next kind of step in that “Modern Era Work Across Multiple Platforms” stuff.

    And thank you for scouring the dirt sheets in my stead.

  3. Sam E. Dreamer says:

    Sorry Goat, I’m afraid this appears to be the real thing. And good for Punk, he worked his tail off for 365 days and was going to wrestle HHH at Wrestlemania. For what purpose? Punk deserves to co-main event Mania. He took a back seat to Rock last year, and now Batista? No thank you.

    • RyanD says:

      Yeah, Sam E., I don’t blame him either. Punk v HHH, no thanks. The writing has been on the wall for some time with him.

  4. Goat says:

    True enough. I can’t argue with any of that. I think the very overt comments he’s made about part-timers over the last year or so were honest indicators about his state of mind. And hell, if he’s in a spot to give the ol’ double-bird to his boss and walk off into the sunset because he’s pissed off at work, then I honestly envy him. Heh!

    I was just exhibiting exceptionally selfish denial, to be honest.

  5. RyanD says:

    Also an argument can be made for taking a back seat to The Rock, but not for Batista. I like Dave just fine, but I’d be chapped too if he came in right away and headlined Mania. Rock is top 5 WWE all time? Top 10 no doubt.
    I don’t mind guys coming back to work Mania specifically because it’s 4 hours. In my mind the guys coming back get the extra hour dedicated to them, and the week in and week out guys get the other 3 hours like usual. But seeing Rock Rock and now Batista headline 3 years straight is a bit much.

  6. Sam E. Dreamer says:

    All signs point to the WWE being afraid to put new talent at the top. By now, Barrett v Ziggler should be for the World Heavyweight Title while Punk should be facing Bryan for the WWE Championship. The Real Americans v Usos for tag title. Dean Ambrose v Seth Rollins for IC Title. Big E v Ryback for US Title. Natayla v AJ for women’s title. Would you not buy that? Throw in Lesnar v Taker and Batista v Cena. You’re welcome, WWE

    • RyanD says:

      Remember when Cena and Sandow just had a match. It was great. Cena won, but Sandow looked legit. More of that please.

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