Roman Reigns Talks the Rumble, Richard Sherman, and More with Chad Dukes


Roman Reigns, 1/3rd of The Shield, joined our own Chad Dukes on Thursday afternoon to discuss the Royal Rumble (this Sunday LIVE on Pay-Per-View), The Shield’s chemistry, Old School Raw, the differences between The Shield and the Wyatt Family, the Total Divas cameras backstage, and the Richard Sherman controversy.

Listen to the interview here:

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Thank you also to our buddy Joe Villa from WWE for setting up the interview.

From the jump the Hounds of Justice have been called upon to be a part of main event stories and matches on almost a weekly basis since their debut in November of 2012. The chemistry between the three in the ring has been obvious from the jump. Like any good partnership, Reigns explained that the pairing of the three members of The Shield was a natural fit.

“It was strange because, we’ve spent a lot of time together don’t get me wrong but, just some things are natural, you know what I mean, and lot of times in groups you’ll have a lot of similar guys, but for us I think what makes it so perfect is we’re all so different. Of course we have some things that are in common, we have a lot of likeness, but if you look at us, the three of us, we just took a bunch of opposites, and we just put ’em all together, and the puzzles fit perfectly. It came with a lot of time together, a lot of traveling together, and getting to know each other, but a lot of it is, it worked out naturally, we all have the same goal and we’re all willing to do what it takes to work towards it.”

Fans of The Shield know they’ve been part of some of the most memorable moments in 2013, none more enticing than their November confrontation with the Wyatt Family. The tease has whet the appetite of marks everywhere, but is it something we could see more of down the road?

“We kinda knew that type of situation would work out. We’ve had no TV time, no interaction with those guys, but all it took was a little bit of physicality, and a face off in the ring. And like you said, the magic, if you could feel it on TV, if you were in that arena, if you were in the O2 (Manchester’s arena), in the middle of it, it wasn’t like being in a hurricane where it was calm, I mean we were in the middle of it, and it was crazy. The crowd was awesome, and that’s an opportunity I think that’s still there.”

Being two sets of three-man teams, comparisons by fans of their two factions is a natural phenomenon. However, Reigns sees the groups as very different entities.

“We work for each other, and I’m not trying to pick at them at all, maybe I am,  [laughs] throw a little wrench in their game, but it seems like they work for Bray. I think there’s a difference in the bond that we have and the bond that they have. Ours is 100% consensual, it wasn’t forced, we’re not drinking Kool-Aid, we’re not being coaxed into doing anything, we believe in something, and we go after it.”

One of the hottest topics on the internet when it comes to WWE is E!’s Total Divas. Reigns had a brief cameo early in the first season, from his experiences, the presence of the cameras has changed the atmosphere backstage in WWE.

“I’ll literally be getting dressed or something, I turn the corner, and WHAM there’s the cameras. ‘Ah, they got me again.’ It’s like Where’s Waldo, you never know where they’re gonna be. And for me when I’m backstage, preparing, getting ready, it’s not something I wanna be bothered with. So sometimes you’ll just randomly hear guys cursing, like that’s gonna get them off of the show, like they can’t use that scene or something because, ‘there’s that guy, he’s just cussing in the background. A lot of guys just, they all just duck their heads and walk off. So that’s something that we deal with but that’s the world of entertainment.”

As a huge 49ers fan and former college football star, we’d be remiss if we didn’t get Reigns opinion on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s controversial post-game interview after the NFC Championship. Many compared the rant to a wrestling interview, but as Reigns points out, Sherman has a lot to learn about cutting a real wrestling promo.

“I heard him say a good line, he didn’t make a play he made ‘the play’, which in his own right, that’s awesome, I enjoyed that. But his whole remarks about Crabtree being mediocre, he kinda just buried himself to me. You’re the best cornerback in the game and they’re putting you on a mediocre receiver? You only made one play on a mediocre receiver? Which I think he, if he understood the psychology of smack talk, he would build up that receiver and then put himself over even more. You know, ‘I’m going against this all-pro bad ass wide receiver, but guess what, I’m the best corner back in the game. I’ll lock down anybody.”

After the Spear, the Superman Punch has become one of Reigns’ signature moves. The inspiration for adding it to his repertoire came from MMA and a second unlikely source.

“If you watch MMA, you never see them land those things but they always look really cool. I also think where I got it a little bit was from the movie Troy. In the very opening scene when he kills the giant/ Like he just runs at the giant, jumps up, and stabs the dude in the neck. They’re kinda the same movement. I don’t have a sword I just have a big fist.”

As of late when one talks about The Shield, inevitably the rumors of their breakup jumps to the top of conversation. However, Roman Reigns doesn’t sound like he’s ready to throw in the towel just yet on the trio.

I think as long as I’m in The Shield, no matter what I do if it’s in a team standpoint or individual standpoint, it’s all good for The Shield because it brings a spotlight to The Shield. No matter who’s doing good or whatever we’re doing, as long as we’re doing our thing and dominating it’s good for The Shield. If Dean, if he wins the IC and combines both of them, that’s awesome for The Shield. If me and Dean win the tag team titles, that’s awesome for The Shield. If I’m the WWE Heavyweight Championship holder, that’s awesome for The Shield.”

Once again, thank you to Roman for his time, be sure to check out the Royal Rumble this Sunday through your local cable or satellite provider, and follow @WWERomanReigns on Twitter.

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