The Morning Roundup 1/3/14


Rumor: WWE contract for Richards & Edwards– Wrestling, INC

As it goes with any story involving Triple H, how much of this is true, we may never know. The guy has earned a reputation from the internet wrestling fanbase that cannot be shook and because of it I feel like it colors people’s writing about him.

Ok, disclaimer aside, the rumor is that former ROH stars Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will not be offered a WWE contract after their NXT tryout. The two issues the COO allegedly had with them was 1) size & 2) a blown spot in their match with the Ascension. Could be a smokescreen as Richards and Edwards had been wrapping up indy dates saying they were going to Orlando. Or they’re set to jump to TNA. Stay tuned.

Angle open to WWE return– WEEI FM Boston

In an interview with a Boston radio station, Kurt Angle talked about his TNA contract status.

“I can’t say I’€™ll never go back,” Angle told WEEI at last weekend’s TNA show in Lowell, Mass. “My contract is up in eight months, so we’€™ll see.”

In his advanced age and with all the injuries he’s suffered, Angle would work nicely in a part-time special attraction role.

Batista’s schedule– PW Torch

The Animal’s return on January 20th will set up involvement in Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, & WrestleMania, including house shows building to ‘Mania. After that it’s up in the air due to the August 1st release of Guardians of the Galaxy in which Batista plays Drax the Destroyer. Summerslam is in mid-August, so you’d have to think Batista will still be all over WWE television to help promote Guardians.

Benoit footage to air on the Network…with a disclaimer- Lords of Pain

F4WOnline is reporting that WWE has sent out a memo saying that Chris Benoit footage will be airing on its new Network broadcasts with a disclaimer to air before the program. So if you can still stomach watching him after knowing his horrific crimes…there ya go.

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