Streak Season: The Undertaker & Wrestlemania


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It’s getting to be that time of year. Streak season. No I’m not talking about some jagaloon “streaking” at a sporting event I’m talking about  The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak.

As I compiled the Morning Roundup this snow-covered morning, I noticed the internet littered with Undertaker/WrestleMania opponent speculation. Undertaker wants  to work with this guy, WWE wants him to face that guy, etc.  So with the grand daddy of them all just 3 months away what better time to speculate on the potential opponents for the Deadman.

Brock Lesnar– The most heavily rumored name of the crop, especially after news came out that the original plan for Lesnar at XXX, a match with the Rock, was off. If a match with the Rock is out, renewing the Undertaker rivalry seems to be a no brainer. There’s a storyline history between the two and a very real personal history between the two.  However, a rumor has been floating around the interwebs this morning that the WWE is concerned that because of the physical style Lesnar works it wouldn’t be good for the Undertaker, since he’s still pretty banged up. Perhaps this is why Brock Lesnar was re-introduced with a desire to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Sheamus- The Celtic Warrior has been listed in many of the Lesnar reports as a fall-back name to replace Lesnar. I have no real qualms with this option, but suffice to say it’s not an exciting one. There’s no real history between the two, so I imagine it would largely be built around The Streak and only The Streak.

Daniel Bryan- Being a huge Daniel Bryan mark and coming off the events of Monday’s RAW, this one really piques my interest. There’s a rumor that the Undertaker himself asked for the B+ Superstar himself, Daniel Bryan to be his opponent. There is no indication that it is considered a serious option at this point but…what if? After joining the Wyatt Family, what if Bray Wyatt were to talk Bryan into bringing down the Machine in the biggest way possible, destroying their prime WrestleMania marketing tool?

The Shield– This is probably your dark horse, but honestly it makes the most sense. If you remember, the Undertaker’s last WWE appearance was in April in a match against Dean Ambrose on SmackDown. After winning by submission, the Hounds of Justice dispensed their brand of justice on the Undertaker and delivered the triple powerbomb on the Phenom through a table.  The dissension between the Shield is in full swing, what better way to pay it off than implosion after failing to end the Undertaker or imploding over who gets to face the Undertaker? If we’re talking only one of the Shield, Roman Reigns, being the biggest member, seems the most likely candidate of the three to do the honors.

I put it to you: Who do you think should face the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX?

One Comment on "Streak Season: The Undertaker & Wrestlemania"

  1. Scott says:

    I’d like to see the WWE sign AJ Styles and have him face the Undertaker at WrestleMania and if not Undertaker then definitely CM Punk.

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