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SmackDown Preview 1/31/14


We were born to ruuuun!

Did anything happen in wrestling this week? No? Oh… RIGHT.

Moving onward and upward, it’s time for another edition of Friday Night Smackdown! Coming to you on tape from Toledo, OH Smack Down has two big Elimination Chamber qualifying matches, a quasi-rematch from Monday, and the return of Captain Charisma, Christian.

In fact, he’ll be taking part in one of those qualifying matches. The leader of the Peep Show will face off against Real American Jack Swagger in the first Chamber qualifier while Swagger’s partner, Antonio Cesaro will face off against Dolph Ziggler in the second.

The Shield will be in the house tonight, looking for the Wyatt Family. That’s right, I had pants on too but I’ve decided to burn them all as a sacrifice to the wrestling gods in anticipation of a match between the two trios. The Hounds of Justice will also be in six man match in an almost rematch from Raw, as they take on Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and playing the role of John Cena- Rey Mysterio.

Check out the full card after the jump:

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VIDEO: Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks CM Punk’s Walkout, Justin Bieber

Clearly, someone on staff at the rebooted Arsenio Hall show is a wrestling mark. For the second time this week I’m bringing you a video from an interview from his show, talking about the world of Wrestling.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was on the show last night and Arsenio asked him about the CM Punk situation. Austin had some good insight into his feelings on the situation in the above clip.

Hit the jump for another bit from the show, with Stone Cold giving Justin Bieber an intervention.

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Impact Wrestling Preview – Who Is the New Investor?

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is back live this week, as the 6th Maximum Impact tour of the United Kingdom begins.

Tonight’s the big reveal of the identity of the person(s) who contracted the Wolves.  I think we all owe a collective slow clap to TNA on how they’ve kept the identity of the “New Investor” revealed thus far.  The company has been playing games with pronouns (more “they,” not “he”), as well with singulars and plurals.  Judging by how TNA has addressed the issue in their official preview (“There’s rumors all over the internet about who it might be!”), this was the intent.

Who the New Investor Will Not Be

Hulk Hogan.  Brooke Hogan.  Jeff Hardy.  Sting.  Eric Bischoff.

Word is that the Hulkster and the Icon have, at bare minimum, signed Legends Contracts with the WWE.  I seriously doubt TNA would bring back Brooke Hogan by herself.  Jeff is legally unable to enter England, so revealing him at the start of the UK tour makes zero sense.  And finally, TNA began eliminating traces of Eric Bischoff (e.g. Aces & Eights) as soon as he was sent home in 2013.

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140 Characters or Less: CM Punk Reactions

140 Characters
With the wrestling world still buzzing at CM Punk’s departure from WWE, time to get some reactions from the Twitter accounts of note from around the Wrestling world.

Let’s begin the proceedings with a zing from the Show Off.

The Big Guy hit his twitter after the news broke, trolling the WWE Universe HARD.

John Cena comments but at the same time, says nothing.

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The Morning Roundup – 1/30/2014

MNRHere we go!

More On Punk – LOP

Unless you live under a rock, or have a real life, you missed yesterday Punk walking out on WWE.  Whether he is tired, injured, and/or frustrated, it seems Punk is gone, and not coming back.   I respect the hell out of Punk and applaud him going home if he is not happy with how his work is going.  Sure, he signed a contract to wrestle at all these upcoming dates, but I rather no Punk, than a half as dedicated Punk.

Hardy Mess – Wrestling, Inc

This is a sad story, for any fan of Mattitude.  Since leaving the WWE, there has not been much to go right in the life of Matt Hardy.  It is well documented that he has problems with alcohol and its sad to see him continuing to lose the battle with it.

Throwback Thursday – Youtube

This was the first time I can remember watching wrestling thinking an event was not part of the show.   Few things to note:  Punk in a mask as the SES…wonder why he went home?  Barrett at his peak, so far.  Swagger was a World Heavyweight champion?  What could’ve been.

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