Big E. Langston Talks NXT, Cena, Mark Henry, Batista, and More with Chad Dukes Wrestling


Fresh of a successful defense of his championship Sunday at TLC, the step son of Joey Mercury and the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E. Langston joined Chad Dukes Monday afternoon to discuss NXT, social media, John Cena, Mark Henry, touches on a possible Batista return (!), and more.

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Langston first came to main roster prominence in 2012 during the build up to the John Cena-Rock WrestleMania match in videos showing Cena training in his Hard Nocks Gym. Langston talked about his relationship with the biggest star in WWE today.

On John Cena:

“He’s been very helpful over the past few years, even before I got called up. Just giving me advice, he opened up the weight room to me. I live about 15 minutes away from his gym. He’s been very helpful, just kinda giving me pointers throughout the way, just giving me advice, and really just trying to be a mentor in many ways. I’m really grateful for him taking time to help and guide me. Honestly, he’s done that for a lot of younger talent, people just don’t see that.”

It’s been well documented in past WWE interviews that Langston is a huge Goldberg fan, so obviously the former WCW Champion would be a dream opponent. Dukes decided to delve a little deeper to see who else made Langston’s wish list and uncovered a bit of skinny that should it go down could be HUGE.

On dream opponents:

“There are a few guys. For me it’s kinda cool to think about guys you grew up and you idolized. Undertaker has a spot where he has that allure, and that mystique, and everyone always kinda goes to Undertaker as being their guy, and rightfully so. I was also a huge Vader fan, so if they were ever able to bring him back for one, I think that would be cool as well. I know there’s been talk possibly, and I have no idea if it’s gonna happen, about Batista possibly coming back. You know guys like that, you grew up watching idolized, you know they’re all kind a dreams who knows if they’ll ever come to fruition.”

Being one of the most recent talents from the revamped NXT developmental system to bear fruit, Dukes and Langston talked about the changes to developmental with the advent of the new Performance Center and the amount of talent waiting in the wings in WWE.


“When you look at NXT, to me there’s a ton of talent, and they’re doing a great job with everyone who’s on NXT for the most part has a story, a character, or something that you know, people can sink their teeth into. Obviously the developmental system has changed, but they’ve invested nearly $3 million dollars into that performance center, it’s huge and they’re going to be able to attract hopefully better talent as the years go on. But I think right now there’s a great deal of talent in NXT and I think it bodes well for our future. Personally, I’m a big fan of NXT as a product. If you ever get a chance to go to Full Sail for those tapings, it has a really different feel than a lot of what we do on the  main roster. I’ve actually talked to a lot of people who tell me NXT is their favorite wrestling program.”

Huge thaks to a huge man, Big E. Langston for being on the show!

Big E Langston will be a part of SmackDown December 29th at the Verizon Center, pick up your tickets HERE.

Follow him on Twitter @BigELangston.

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