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Details on AJ Styles, ROH, & TNA

In Yesterday’s Morning Roundup, we told you about former TNA World Champion AJ Styles’ return to one of the promotions that brought him to prominence, Ring of Honor, for this Saturday’s (1/4)  Nashville television taping. The news left many wondering would Styles be sticking around long-term in ROH. Now, Dave Meltzer is reporting that it looks like AJ Styles could be making Ring of Honor his new home base while also working independent promotions.

From the Wrestling Observer (quote via

AJ Styles really is no longer with TNA. The two sides were discussing details as early as last week but couldn’t agree terms. AJ’s agent contacted Ring of Honor about his return to work out a deal between the two sides as it’s the one place Styles really wanted to go due to his past history with the promotion. While a contract hasn’t been signed Styles is working under an open contract, which means he can appear on other promotions shows but can’t work for anyone with television which includes TNA while working for ROH. would go on to corroborate Meltzer’s report, stating Styles would be a regular member of the ROH roster in 2014. I said it in the Roundup and I’ll say it again: this is HUGE for Ring of Honor. With the return of Chris Hero, Matt Hardy, and now AJ Styles, combined with their already stellar main event scene of Kevin Steen, Jay Brisoce, & Adam Cole, the promotion is assembling a roster that could be a ton of fun to watch in 2014.

AJ Styles will face Roderick Strong this Saturday, taped for airing on a future Ring of Honor television program. ROH TV can be seen on their website or on one of its many affiliates listed HERE.

140 Characters of Less: Bryan Joins The Wyatt Family

140 Characters

Clearly the hottest topic of conversation from Twitter in regards to last night’s Raw was the Dazzler, Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family. So where better to begin this edition of 140 Charaters with the man himself:


Lotta people divided on the Bryan/Wyatt situation, many infuriated that Daniel joined the family but Dolph Ziggler gets it:


Many members of the WWE Universe were simply stunned:

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The Day After Raw 12/30/13 – #DontStray


Bryan Follows the Buzzards

The WWE roster was split in twain – half in Richmond for the final Raw of 2013, and half in the great white north for a house show.  Short on staff, the WWE pulled out a Daniel Bryan Gauntlet Match to end the year.  The Dazzler confronted Raw GM Brad Maddox early in the show about a match with Bray Wyatt. Maddox, who has apparently learned his lesson following a beating from Randy Orton some weeks ago, told Bryan that he would first half to defeat Luke Harper followed by Erick Rowan to earn a match with Wyatt.

The matches began at about 10:25 pm ET.  Bryan first had a nice long match with Harper, who I cannot say enough good things about.  Harper wore Daniel Bryan down plenty, even powering out of the Yes-Lock at one point, before finally being fell to the Running Knee Strike.  The match with Rowan was considerably shorter; the less-stable Wyatt family member continued the assault on the weakened Bryan, though D-Bry managed to put him away with a small-package.

With just minutes left in WWE programming for calendar year 2013, the WWE Universe was apparently finally going to be treated to Daniel Bryan getting a sanctioned fight with his nemesis, Bray Wyatt.  The swamp preacher charged at a prone Bryan, but stopped short and turned his back.  This was a cue for Rowan and Harper to attack Bryan again.  Wyatt began to sing; he once again expressed disgust and anger with the former WWE champion for refusing to become a brother in the name of the cause… and that’s when things got really interesting. Continue reading →

The Morning Roundup 12/31/13: Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar


Gonna go a bit oversized here this morning due to the newsworthy happenings on Raw last night. It’s got the boys at CDW, well at least Martel & I, a bit jacked up. Check out the Day After: Raw at noon for more coverage of last night’s show.

The Best Thing from Raw Pt. 1– Youtube

“I HAVE NO MERCY LEFT TO GIVE.” For me, Pro Wrestling doesn’t get much better than this. Daniel Bryan joins the Wyatt Family. If you missed it, enjoy. If you didn’t, watch it again!

Backstage Fallout– Youtube

Speaking of Bryan and the Wyatt Family- CM Punk, Brodus Clay, Curtis Axel, & Big E. Lanston react to Monday’s show closing angle.  Most interesting is Punk urging people not to stop cheering Bryan.

The Best Thing from Raw Pt. 2– Youtube

The Beast is back. Brock Lesnar challenged the WWE Champion after Royal Rumble AND took out the World’s Strongest Man.

Paul Heyman talks with Michael Cole– Youtube

Paul Heyman has a sit-down interview with Michael Cole addressing Brock Lesnar’s return and his plans (!) for WWE Old School. WrestleMania season is the best.

Newest Batista Promo– Youtube

The Animal Returns January 20th.

Monday Night Raw Preview 12/30/13


LIVE from Richmond, VA, it’s New Year’s RAW and the less we talk about the World’s Largest New Year’s Baby the better. isn’t giving much away in regards to what’s going down on tonight’s show-woah-woah, but we do know that there may be a depleted roster on tonight’s show with half the talent performing at a live event in Toronto, Canada. Among the names being advertised in Toronto: John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, Kane, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, The Real Americans, & Natalya.

Which is not to say Richmond will be star-depleted among the names expected to appear tonight include: The Authority, CM Punk, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, The Wyatt Family, The Shield, & Curtis Axel. Oh, and there’s one more name expected to show tonight. Check out our SmackDown Taping post and read all about it if you want a major spoiler.

One thing IS hyping is “What’s next for John Cena?” in their 5-point preview, so perhaps Cena will open the show and then hop a flight to Toronto for the Main Event?

We also know there will be an Intercontinental Championship Match between Fandango and Champion Big E. Langston. Fandango won a “Present on a Pole” match to gain this title shot last week on RAW Christmas.

Tune in for the last RAW of 2013 tonight on USA Network at 8pm ET!

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