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He’s been Dashing, Disfigured, a Rhode Scholar, and now he’s one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. The Son of the Son of a Plumber, Brother to Goldust, and an outstanding sports entertainer in his own right, Cody Rhodes joined Chad Dukes on the AT&T Hotline Thursday afternoon to promote Survivor Series, this Sunday on pay-per-view.

In addition to three championship matches and “the Beard and the Best” taking on the Wyatt Family, Cody Rhodes will be part of a huge 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match on the show, teaming with Goldust, the Usos and Rey Mysterio to take on the Shield and The Real Americans.

Cody discusses a number of topics including bringing back the classic Intercontinental Championship and his renewed appreciation for Tag Team Wrestling, as well as weighing in on the PS4 vs. XBOX One console war. Check out the interview below.

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Thank you to Cody Rhodes for his time; follow him on Twitter at @CodyRhodesWWE. Thank you to our pal Joe Villa as well.

Coming from one of the most famous families in sports entertainment, Cody is no stranger to the wrestling business. However, he’s not resting on his laurels or living off his name. Rhodes looks to his past experiences as a learning tool to help him in the future.

My dad and I, we look at wrestling a little different than most individuals. We don’t look at it as what have you done for me lately so much as what does your body of work consist of and when I look back at my body of work with WWE, and I’ve been with the WWE since I was 20 years old, and I’m still one of the younger guys in the locker room oddly enough, it’s incredibly enriching for me. And I hate to break it down in such fashion, but I see these different characters that I was part of, and these major stories, my own and sometimes as an auxiliary player, if I look at all that, and ask myself, “Have I improved, have I been able to gain from that,” if the answer was no, then I definitely am in the wrong industry because I’ve been given some of the biggest opportunities and the biggest spotlights and the biggest stages, to not just to excel that evening but to grow for 5-6 years from now when I need all that, I need every bit of that information, hopefully in a situation like a WrestleMania main event.

In his short but fruitful WWE Career, Rhodes has had the fortune of “hitting” on every character the WWE has thrown in front of him. From Legacy to Dashing to the Mask to Groomed for Greatness, as Dukes puts it Rhodes is like the Lady Gaga of WWE churning out hit after hit each one different than the last. When asked about how much of his own input Rhodes is able to put into his on-screen personas, Rhodes reveals to Dukes that he had input on the return of his brother Goldust.

I think the best, the guys who are the best they have almost absolute input into what they do. I mean this is a television show and there are directions it’s heading as a talent, as a superstar. I’m not the overseer, I’m not the overlord, but I can tell you, Al Snow who trained me, and he’s a polarizing figure, as far as the guys he trained and whatnot, he told me “No one controls your outcome when you’re in the ring other than you,” and that’s very true. I have had a lot of input, I know I had a considerable amount when it comes to the return of, everyone’s very happy at the return of Goldust, and in the fashion that he’s returned because I knew how his lifestyle was now. I knew he’s entering, statistics aside, he’s entering the prime of his career in his 40’s and I’m very happy to see that the audience gets to see that.

During his Intercontinental Championship reign, Rhodes brought back the classic Intercontinental Championship design. So naturally, as a tag team champions it begs the question, could we see a return to a “classic” design for those straps? Unfortunately for belt marks, Cody’s shooting down that idea but he spoke out in greater detail about the process of reviving that classic Intercontinental design.

I like the copper pennies [nickname for the current tag team championship belts]. I don’t like that everyone dislikes them but I personally think they’re rather cool.

You have no idea how difficult that was to get the IC Title, the white IC Title, which Big E. Langston is now our new intercontinental champion and that was such a cool thing for him, to see that and see it still around. It makes me feel happy because that was such a pain to get done. Not many people know this; I paid for the title to be recreated. I was refunded, heavily refunded, but I paid to show it to the man and say, “Listen, this will get a reaction, that you might not think it will and here’s why,” you know? And I’m very happy to see it still in existence.

While it’s been given lip service in the past, the reemergence of tag team wrestling in WWE has finally come to fruition, thanks to the current crop of teams like the Wyatts, the Shield, the Usos, and the current champions, the Rhodes Brothers. Cody Rhodes with 5 tag team championship reigns in his career is no stranger to the tag team division. While Cody isn’t giving up on his singles aspirations, the recent pairing with his brother Goldust has helped him to appreciate tag team wrestling even more.

When I was tagging with Damien Sandow I was asked that question a lot and I always said I prefer singles wrestling, but in this case it’s one of the few times I’ve kind of stopped sort of surveyed the landscape and been just happy. I don’t want to say content, I don’t want to say satisfied, but I’ve been happy. I’d say I’m really enjoying the tag element of our industry really more than I have in the past.

In the past I’ve had many partners and I’m trying eventually to get to that elusive 12-championship reign that Hall of Famer Edge had. That statistic alone makes me feel really good about my tag and singles career that I’m able to do this and who knows how long it’s gonna last with my brother Goldust and where it’s gonna end up, but it certainly is a wonderful spotlight for him and I. We’ve had a lot of luck with the matches we’ve been putting on as of late. And that’s a credit to those guys too, the Usos like you mentioned, to be the fundamental cornerstone match of a pay-per-view like Survivor Series, to have the elimination match. I feel strongly that we can go in and steal the show away from these other matches, these other great matches.

If the Legend of Zelda triforce boots weren’t a dead giveaway, Cody Rhodes is an avid gamer. To wrap up their discussion Cody weighed in on his selection, or lack thereof, in the next generation console war taking place in the aisles of electronics stores everywhere.

Today my wife is gone all day, and I told her last night, and she could tell I was lying, instantly when i said it, I don’t know why I said it, I said, “I’m not gonna go buy a Playstation 4 tomorrow.” And I repeated it and she goes why are you saying this and I knew it’s because I’m gonna go buy a Playstation 4 as soon as she had left. I’m just gonna be that jerk who has both. I can’t decide. South Park is making it really difficult for me with “that’s how XBox people think,” but I’m just gonna have both and just live with it.

Thanks one more time to Cody for joining Chad on the show, follow him on Twitter at @CodyRhodesWWE and thank you to our pal Joe Villa for setting up the interview.

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