The Night’s Watch – Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

New Golden Dream Main EventROH – The main event for Ring of Honor’s “Golden Dream” in Cincinnati this weekend was originally scheduled to feature Adam Cole defending his world title against Kevin Steen, presumably with the winner taking on Michael Elgin at Final Battle in December.  However, here is your new main event for the weekend:


The belt over the shoulder of Jay Briscoe is his “real” world championship.  Neither Briscoe nor Steen received a rematch after the conclusion of their respective world title reigns early in the year, and both arguably could lay claim as the top contender after Elgin.  According to Ring of Honor, Steen’s title shot has been postponed due to Cole suffering from the always-irritating “concussion-like syndromes.”

Prichard Slams TNATNA Insider – In an interview on the phenomenal Steve Austin Show podcast, former TNA Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard discussed the goings-on of his former employer.  Aside from detailing that the “Inmates kinda ran the asylum,” he discussed his departure, directing TNA talent, and some of the problems he had with the wrestlers…

“As a matter of fact, and I won’t mention names here, I had a guy that came back one time and it was his return. He gets in the ring, and we shot an angle where the heel had taken him out and he had been gone for like, 6 months. He’s making his big return and he walks right across the ring completely ignoring the heel in the ring, the guy that took him out.

He just completely ignores him, walks right by him then goes to the top rope and raises his hands looking out at the crowd. Then he walks back over to another corner and never acknowledges the heel standing in the ring.

“So when they came back, I jumped up their asses, because A- the babyface should not s**t on the heel and B- the heel, if the babyface did do that to him should have jumped his s**t. The babyface looks at me and says, ‘Well, you heard the crowd. Austin used to do that.’ And I blew a gasket.

“No, motherf****r. Go back and watch. Austin never took his f***ing eyes off of his opponent. Austin walked in the ring and gave the heel the ‘go f*** yourself’ look, went up the top rope and never took his eyes off of the guy in the ring. If the guy went out of the ring, he still kept his eyes on him. And when he walked across, he did that bad motherf***er walk and went across the ring. But he never sold the heel. That way, the heel meant something when he whipped his ass. But you walked out there and just s**t all over the heel and s**t all over the program. And the heel, you let him s**t on you. Those are nuances that people don’t always get.”

Well, s***.


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