The Autumn of AJ and The Fate of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship


A part of their 24/7 initiative, the next chapter in TNA Wrestling’s current angle of Champion AJ Styles walking out on Dixie Carter took place yesterday on YouTube and Twitter yesterday.

Dixie Carter announced that she has stripped AJ Styles of the TNA World Championship and an announcement will be made as to the championship’s future this Thursday on Impact. Conversely, AJ Styles and Mexican promotion AAA have announced that AJ Styles will defend the TNA World Championship against AAA Champion El Mesias (known to TNA audiences as Judas Mesias).

Even though we don’t do spoilers of taped shows around these parts, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this is going.  While on the one hand it’s a blatant copy of WWE’s Summer of Punk angle, it’s an interesting gamble for the fledgling company to make.  Having Styles appear in other promotions around the world is a great idea and could help their international business.   However, now TNA’s few remaining scheduled live events before the shift back to Orlando will be without a touring Heavyweight Champion until a new (illegitimate at that) champion is crowned.

If we’re working off our Summer of Punk cliff notes, TNA crowns an “interim” champion as it were and Styles returns to settle who is the undisputed champeen. However, when you take into account the fact that AJ Styles is rumored only to be signed through December, this move could blow up in TNA’s face.  What if AJ Styles doesn’t resign after his December extension?  How much more low-rent would that make the promotion look if they can’t get him locked down to properly finish the angle? Furthermore, how is AJ Styles bringing the title to the people by wrestling for fanbases that aren’t TNA’s?

I don’t relish in TNA’s misfortunes, so I hope they know what they’re doing with this angle and maybe for once they can outdo the E at their own game when it comes to topping Punk’s post MITB title reign/return.  Hit the jump for the video and AJ Styles’ tweets announcing his Mexico title defense.

Does anyone find it humorous, that Dixie is the one updating the ImpactWrestling website?


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