Konnan Claims Punk and AJ Are Dating


About a month ago, we posted this picture (courtesy of @Hoosier43) of CM Punk and AJ Lee at a Chicago Cubs game together.  This led to Internet speculation and rumors that the former on-screen kinda-item were engaging in a real-life relationship.

Lords of Pain reports a claim made by former WCW star Konnan, that Punk and Lee are dating.  The former United States champion emphatically stated that CM Punk and Lita, who had reportedly begun dating again in April, were through.  K-Dawg cited an anonymous source within the WWE.

As always, rumors like this should be approached with caution.  All we know for certain right now is CM Punk and AJ attended a baseball game together.  That said, the following picture also surfaced at about the same time: CM Punk (hand in the air) and Amy “Lita” Dumas at a restaurant together.

Worth noting – In the same interview, Konnan also trashed the Second City Savior, calling him “conceited.”


One Comment on "Konnan Claims Punk and AJ Are Dating"

  1. phill says:

    If either rumor is true, good on Punk for pulling some quality female companionship.

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