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The Morning Roundup 9/27/13



Kurt Angle’s Return Announced– PW Torch

If you follow us on Twitter you know what went on during Impact last night, if not here’s a handy recap for you. The biggest piece of news is that Kurt Angle will return from rehab at Bound For Glory. Angle is scheduled to be the next member of the TNA Hall of Fame, with his induction occurring the night before BFG.

Original story of Max Moon Revealed–

Did you know Konnan of the nWo and nWo Wolfpac was slated to be the original Max Moon. has a cool interview with him up discussing the situation.

Worst Promo Ever: Promo Room – Colt Cabana

A little late on getting this one too you, but here’s this week’s Worst Promo Ever. It still bums me out that Colt never worked out as at least a color commentator for WWE.

Old School Smackdown Intro- WWE

WWE’s been killing it lately with mashing up old school and new school elements. First there were the DJ Steve Porter style Remixes and yesterday there was the championship belt gallery. Today, a twist on the original SmackDown intro. Enjoy.

The Night’s Watch – Mickie James; King Bleeds


TNA’s Offer to Mickie – WZ – It’s been reported that Mickie James was offered $60K per year by TNA, which she turned down.  Mickie is currently charging in the neighborhood of $1,800 for independent appearances, and reportedly her bands pulls in $3,500 – $5,000 per performance.

Kenny Bleeds – If you missed it on Impact, Kenny King was busted wide open during his match with Austin Aries.  Following the loss to #TGMTEL, the former X-Division Champion was examined by TNA doctors.

RVD Status – This past Monday, Rob Van Dam was wrecked by Randy Orton and then quickly pinned in the 11-on-3 match versus The Shield.  In a report by Lords of Pain (per the Wrestling Observer), this was because he has not yet signed a new contract.

This is Disheartening – Lords of Pain also report that Dolph Ziggler is out of the main event picture, at least for now, because\ “word is that officials don’t believe he will ever be a guy who draws money.”


Impact Wrestling Preview


Here’s a quick preview of tonight’s Impact Wrestling…

  • General Manager Hulk Hogan will be on hand to address the budding feud between President Dixie Carter and #1 Contender AJ Styles.  One would assume the Hulkster would come down on the side of talent, considering he spent decades as part of the locker room.  But, with TNA apparently squaring-up to the reality line, perhaps Hogan’s real-life soon-to-be-expired contract could be leveraged by Carter.
  • With the BFG Series Winner otherwise occupied, Aces & Eights President Bully Ray will try again to get the remnants of his club to fall in line.  We’ll see if he can coach-up Wes, Bisch, and Knux prior to their six-man tag team match against Sting, Samoa Joe, and Magnus.
  • In another six-[person] match, Joseph Park teams with EY and ODB against the Bro-Mans and a mystery Knockout.  There’s not many active women on the TNA roster, so the smart money’s on Gail Kim unless someone’s returning.
  • A week after coming off a non-title loss to Jeff Hardy, X-Division Champion Manik puts his title on the line against former World Champion Chris Sabin.  

Live tweeting during the show.  Follow us @DukesWrestling!

Hostamania’s Running Wild

Hulk Hogan's Hostamania

The Hulkster is getting into the Web Hosting Business.

File this one under “Odd Wrestler Endorsements” with Ric Flair Finance, Mean Gene Burgers, and Hulk Hogan’s Pasta Mania. Hulk Hogan has lent his image and promotional muscle to a new Web Hosting Company, Hostamania. Hogan has promised to bring his skills at defeating the Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant in the release on the site to the web hosting game. I’m not sure if the skills transfer over Hulkster.

No word on if speeds on the sites hosted will slow down as your page gets attacked by more and more hits before making a dramatic comeback and to handle all the traffic.

Classic WWE Championships, Modern WWE Superstars


Image Credit:

The clear #1 Seed of WWE Championship Designs for many is the classic “Winged Eagle” belt. Well, my proverbial and literal belt dropped to the floor at the sight of the above picture and the new gallery currently up on of classic WWE Championship designs being held by current WWE Superstars.

Championships included here are the European Championship, the old Womens Championship, and the classic WWF Tag Team Championship. I was never a big fan of the European Championship, but seeing it on the shoulder of guys like Cesaro, Barrett, and its rightful owner have me pining for the strap’s return.

Check out the full gallery HERE.

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