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Running of the Bulls Photo Credit: wwe.com

Running of the Bulls
Photo Credit: wwe.com

I’m a sucker for wrestling debut vignettes. They’ve been around since the dawn of my wrestling fandom, and let’s be honest, they generate buzz. They don’t even need to be as creative as Jericho’s clock countdown, the Wyatts’ mega-ultra-successful videos this year, or even Mr. Perfect’s perfect feats of athleticism to work. Generally speaking, when a company puts the time and effort into producing them and doubles down by using valuable TV time to air them, you know the company thinks they are worth watching.

Enter Los Matadores. The (highly?) anticipated debut of WWE’s latest tag team will be Monday night. I’m going to give WWE some credit and say that the vignettes have been cheesy by design, but if you’ve been watching RAW over the last few weeks, surely you’ll tune into their segment to see what they’re all about.

Who knows what WWE has in store for these two, who look like they are wearing Aldo Montoya’s alternate gear from a wrestling video game. The Usos more or less are the company’s top babyface team, while Prime Time Players are right behind them. I would assume Los Matadores will debut as faces, but where would they fit in the ever floundering tag team division? Who would believe they could even compete against the mighty Shield?

My prediction? WWE will try and recreate the “silly-tweener” label that Fandango has proven works in today’s wrestling landscape. The WWE Universe has shown that when something is SO bad (Fandangoing/dancing) or SO different (Wyatts), they will support it. Corny and quirky are in and I think you’ll see Los Matadores be so lame, fans will react positively towards it.

I’m talking bad bad. Like Disco Inferno needing directions for his leg-lock or Men at Work breaking out the measuring tape during their matches bad. Maybe they constantly try and provoke their opponents with red capes or something along those lines. I could be wrong, but I think that might be a great way to get them over initially.

What do you think? Do you think this will be a “serious” gimmick, or does WWE have something else in store for us?


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