Kaitlyn talks Total Divas, Cody’s Mustache and More with Chad Dukes Wrestling


The Hybrid Diva, leader of the 8th Militia, and former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn joined Chad Dukes this morning for an interview promoting WWE and their Live Super Show this Sunday afternoon at Verizon Center in Washington DC. Tickets still available!

Always a joy to hear from, Kaitlyn stops in to talk about Sunday’s event, Total Divas, Live Tweeting, Cody’s mustache and more.

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One of the hottest topics in the wrestling world, is WWE’s Total Divas, especially after AJ Lee’s scathing pipebombshell on the cast of the show. Love it or hate it, the show brings in a larger audience perhaps unfamiliar with the product. Kaitlyn told us about what it’s been like being on the peripheral of the ongoing filming of the show and it’s effect on WWE.

I think it’s such a great thing for the WWE in general because like you said, it brings people that don’t normally watch, aren’t typically wrestling fans, aren’t sports entertainment fans, people that would just watch the E! network, and it kind of gives us like a broader demographic, and opens up our world to people.

Also, people that are fans get a chance to see inside and how things work. It definitely blurs the lines of what’s reality and what’s entertainment, sometimes even for me. I didn’t really understand the concept of how this whole divas thing was gonna go down, it’s definitely very, it’s hard to get used to. You know we’re always on camera anyways on TV days and stuff, but there’s like extra cameras, E! cameras, following these girls around everywhere and sometimes it’s a little bit intrusive.

Though, you know I found out stuff about pixelating, its extensive and time-consuming. So if you don’t want to be on camera, you just throw up a couple of gang signs, or you know something that they might have to pixelate and then boom, you don’t have to worry about being on the show.

In all seriousness, it’s a really great concept bringing all kinds of new fans into our world”

While she couldn’t confirm that more divas would be added in future seasons, since this first season was a “test run,” Kaitlyn did hint that while the show is doing great exposing new audiences to WWE, there may be additions in the future. However, some divas might be a change of pace from some of the current cast because, “not all of us are dramatic as that.”

As one of the funniest WWE performers, male or female, Kaitlyn has become a must follow on Twitter during Monday Night Raw. When not on the show she and the Show Off, Dolph Ziggler provide some of the most hilarious insights into story lines and WWE superstars during the shows.

“They (WWE) definitely encourage us to get out there on social media in all avenues. When I’m not on the show and I’m just backstage and I wanna be involved it’s a great way to interact with fans and kind of express our opinions of the show and our reactions and stuff like that.

They don’t encourage all the things that we say but it’s our opinions and it’s a lot of fun.”

There’s no question Kaitlyn has come a long way since her early days on NXT, where she was plucked from obscurity to fill the final spot. In the 2-3 years since NXT, Kaitlyn has become one of the top divas on the roster. However, her time on NXT was not without its embarrassing moments, moments that Kaitlyn looks back upon as a measuring stick for how far she’s come.

“I never thought I’d be good. I thought like, I don’t know, it feels funny saying that, but over the last year I’ve had so many opportunities to work with amazing girls and people, you know, within the company. I’ve just grown so much.

It’s so funny to go back and to watch some episodes of NXT and one of my favorite matches of all time, which i think made some kind of list of worst match of the year, was a match I had with Maxine on NXT. Vickie Guerrero was my pro and she didn’t like my wrestling gear and she made me wear some kind of extra large hoodie and I just looked like a flailing little spider monkey the entire match. So that’s something I like to look back on and laugh at now, but at the time it was just, I wanted to hide my face forever.”

While discussing possible dream opponents, Kaitlyn gives thanks to a former diva whom she’d like to face again some day if she ever returned.

“Probably Beth Phoenix if beth ever came back.”

“I had a couple of chances to work Beth before she retired, she helped me a lot in my career when I first started because I’d be on TV with no experience. There’s a lot of girls that helped me out along the way, AJ was one of them. I had always really, really wanted a chance to have a feud with her because we were such great friends for a long time and she taught me so much early on in my career and helped me through a lot of stuff. So that would be like a dream come true and hopefully the Chickbusters can reunite one day.”

Anyone who follows Kaitlyn’s career knows she’s a huge fan of a good lookin’ mustache. One of the most famous ‘staches in WWE was recently laid to waste. So who better to memorialize #CodysMustache than Kaitlyn? Like any good eulogy, Kaitlyn takes us back to the genesis of the mustache and her possible hand in aiding the “Cody’s Mustache” chant.

Honestly, from the moment that I first saw it…so Cody he had an injury and I didn’t see him for several weeks, he showed back up, he made a big comeback backstage, he showed up at work wearing some kind of completely out of character, like a white suit and some kind of weird white fedora and just had this creepy pencil thin mustache. And we were like, “Is that Cody’s evil twin,” and Cody is the evil one so we were like, “Is that Cody’s good twin?”

Slowly I was so impressed with his mustache and he kept it and it kept getting more and more character. We would be backstage or I’d be watching the matches and all of the sudden you’d hear “Cody’s mustache,” an actual chant. I’m gonna come clean I actually started some of those chants, like from the corner. So I just had this love affair with his mustache, just only his mustache, the rest of him you know, give or take.

Then it was so funny because as time went on he would have to trim it and do all that stuff and he wasn’t very good at it. So he would trim one side and then it would be a little shorter than the other side. He’d have to trim up the other side and it kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller and dangerously close to a Charlie Chaplin mustache. So when he finally shaved it off it was really sad, it was like the end of an era. I don’t know maybe he’ll bust out a soul patch.”

Thank you to Kaitlyn for joining Chad on the phone today! “Rob” says hi.

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