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Kaitlyn talks Total Divas, Cody’s Mustache and More with Chad Dukes Wrestling


The Hybrid Diva, leader of the 8th Militia, and former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn joined Chad Dukes this morning for an interview promoting WWE and their Live Super Show this Sunday afternoon at Verizon Center in Washington DC. Tickets still available!

Always a joy to hear from, Kaitlyn stops in to talk about Sunday’s event, Total Divas, Live Tweeting, Cody’s mustache and more.

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Listen to the full interview above and check out the highlights below! Be sure to follow @KaitlynWWE on Twitter and let her know if you enjoyed the interview!

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SmackDown Preview 8/30/13


Spray paint YES! on an escalade because it’s FRIDAY! Smackdown comes to us tonight from Sin City, Las Vegas, NV

The BIG NEWS tonight is the rumblings of a Superstar Rebellion against the new Triple H/Randy Orton alliance is starting to brew. Miz TV will play host to the three men who were interviewed about Daniel Bryan’s punishment on the stage Monday Night but chose to stay silent. The Miz, the Big Show, and Dolph Ziggler will discuss the new regime.

Keeping things spoiler free, multiple matches will fill out the card as a result of Miz TV, with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler all seeing action this evening.

Here’s a glance at what else is on tap for tonight’s SmackDown.

  • Rob Van Dam meets Damien Sandow
  • The Wyatt Family  faces Tons of Funk in tag team action


Tumultuous TNA


From releases, to rumors of money trouble, to on the fly changes to the Bound For Glory Series, it has not been a good couple of months for Impact Wrestling public relations. Add to it the almost bi-weekly pictures that hit the net of half-full Impact tapings, it is a challenging time for the Nashville based company.

This week the speculation over the direction of TNA’s future has only increased this week with rumors of conflict between TNA and Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff after comments by Hulk Hogan at a Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada.

Via PW Insider:

A fan asked Hogan what could finally be done to make TNA successful. Hogan said that Eric Bischoff “needed to be given the keys to the car” and that, “somebody somewhere” needed to “drop all the resources we need like we had in the WWE and the WWF, whether it be cameras or money or vehicles or advertising” in order for TNA to work “in a perfect world.”

The rumor, and I preface that this is just a rumor, is that anonymous sources (don’t you love those) told PW Insider that the comments about resources is viewed by officials as a slap in the face to Dixie Carter and parent company Panda Energy.

I desperately want TNA to succeed but the bombardment of bad news and rumors coming out from this company is maddening.

Now, what Hogan said wasn’t that bad, IMO. Obviously for TNA to reach WWE levels they’d need a major cash influx. Like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vault major cash influx, there’s no denying this fact. However, in today’s economic world it seems an unlikely prospect.

What can TNA do without a big cash investor? TNA’s strong suit for years was the fact that it was different from WWE. Increase the focus on the in-ring action and competitors that made the X-Division great. Look no further than last night’s Christopher Daniels-Austin Aries main event to see the value in this proposition. Maybe they bring back the six-sided ring?  Above all else, a way to be different from WWE? Eliminate the on-screen authority figure. General Managers have become the most exhausted wrestling trope and someone needs to change the trend. Continuing the Monday Night Wars mentality or parroting WWE concepts is the wrong move.

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Morning News Roundup 8/30/13


Samuray Del Sol is now Kalisto – Wrestlezone

Lucha star and recent WWE signee Samuray Del Sol received his NXT Name, Kalisto. Not bad, not great. He benefits from the fact that he’s a luchador and you can be a little more creative with masked men’s names. Hopefully Kalisto can fill the Rey Mysterio masked man gimmick and connect with people better than Sin Cara has.

AJ Styles Signs Short Term Extension– Lords of Pain

Still no long-term deal for the Phenomenal One, but TNA has locked Styles up for the short-term. The rumor is that Styles was offered a deal making significantly less than the money he’s made in the past. However, with Styles’ attempt at a pipebomb last night on Impact, we could be all getting worked so keep that in mind.

Hulk Hogan picks College Football– Southern Pigskin

Hulk Hogan will be a celebrity prognosticator for  Southern Pigskin’s 2013 college football pick em’ column.

Impact Wrestling – More Major Changes to BFGS

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Bound For Glory Series – Final Stretch

TNA announced major changes to the Bound For Glory Series today.  Due to Magnus’ reported visa issues, he will not be on the show tonight.  His scheduled matches are scrapped.  Instead, the previously scheduled match between Kazarian and Hernandez will be bumped to Xplosion, and Kazarian gets an extra match by taking on Jeff Hardy tonight on Impact.  Here are the scheduled Bound For Glory Series matches to take place tonight:

  • Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles
  • Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian
  • Hernandez vs. Kazarian (taped for Xplosion)

It’s worth noting that when we broke down final scenarios for the BFGS yesterday, TNA had not advertised Magnus for a match.  Instead, in an Impact Wrestling dot com article that has been removed since yesterday, it was stated that Magnus’ final position in the BFGS standings would come down to what happened in the matches featuring Roode and Daniels.

In today’s announcement of the major changes, TNA also discussed how the 2013 BFGS was not a round robin tournament like 2011 and 2012, in an effort to bring more matches to TV.  Does anyone remember this being announced before?  I mean, that’s a pretty big departure.  Instead, this seems to be a reaction to the report that the company simply ran out of time to have each of the 12 men face 11 opponents.   Continue reading →

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