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The Morning Roundup – 7/31/2013

Morning News Roundup 3Welcome to the last day of July.  I’m your host Sammy Dreamer, come on down, lets have some fun.

Big E Tweets Reaction – Twitter

If you watch the video Rick posted on the site in the wee hours of today, you can see Big E getting held back by security.  For the fans sake, I’m happy he will only have to deal with the law.  If Big E was coming my way with the intent on fighting me, I would thank the universe for a good life and call it a day.

Raw Rating – LOP

Not a knock your socks off rating for Raw, but at the same time, not a bottom of the list rating.  This shows that Raw has held steady over the last few weeks, once again, not hurting or helping itself.  It is interesting to note that the least amount of viewers are at 8 pm hour, with the most being at 9 pm hour.

Wyatt Family – WWE on Youtube

Its always a good idea to take a look at the Wyatt family.  They have the chance to make a huge impact in the WWE if they continue on the streak that they are on.  I anticipate a big moment in their early careers happening at Summerslam.  Whether it be a nasty promo they cut, or target a new enemy, Summerslam is the stage for them to make an impact.

Orton Attacked By Audience Member During Cape Town Event ***UPDATED VIDEO***

***UPDATED 7/31/13, 1:51 AM EST***

The video above just hit the Internet – It shows what happened after Randy Orton approached his assailant.  Big E Langston clearly had to be restrained by security as well.  Fortunately, Randy seemed to be moving around okay after the sneak attack; let’s hope he sustained no injuries.


WWE is reporting that the Apex Predator was assaulted by an audience member today during their tour of South Africa. Per Dot Com… has learned that Randy Orton was violently attacked by an audience member during a SmackDown World Tour Live Event in Cape Town, South Africa, this evening. Footage of the attack was captured by a WWE fan and posted to YouTube, and shows the perpetrator striking Orton from behind. The matter is currently under investigation by the local authorities, and the South African fan is being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.

The video posted to YouTube, seen above, shows someone entering the ring and delivering a heel-esque low blow to Orton, who then gets up to approach his restrained assailant.  The video cuts out at that time.

PWInsider adds the following:

Randy Orton beat Big E Langston after 9 minutes with an RKO.  During Orton’s celebration on the turnbuckle, a crazed fan jumped the railing and hit Orton on the back! Orton kicked the fan and gave him the middle finger as he was being dragged out the ring by security. The fan may have also attacked Big E at ringside. Orton looked peeved off at the security. The security at ringside beefed up big time after that.

We’ll provide an update as soon as additional information is available on Randy’s condition.  Based on the information we have right now, this was a real assault, not a work.

Third #August1Warning Video

The latest August 1 Warning video has been released, after the second video where the mystery man told us he was not Batista (did anyone think it was?), the third video states that it is not Chris Jericho. Well, yeah, I don’t think anyone was in danger of thinking that either.

Notable quotes below:

“You speculate, I laugh. August 1 is coming. I am not a rock star like Chris Jericho. I make my living hurting people.”

“I am not someone that 99% of you have never heard of.”

Wait, so it’s not someone that most of us have not heard of? That would seem to rule out Adam Pearce.  Hardcore Holly has taken his name out of the running. MVP? Out. Colt Cabana? Did you really think that? Time to scour the internet for pro-wrestling free agents with notoriety!

It’s only a few days away, call your shot in the comments below.

The Beautiful Booking of the Beast Incarnate

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

While Daniel Bryan might be the hottest superstar in WWE right now, the award for hottest feud goes to CM Punk/Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman in a landslide. Even with Brock’s limited schedule, the mic work and visceral emotion elicited from Punk and Heyman has been top-notch over the last few weeks.

And when you take a step back and look at the booking of other part-timers recently like Triple H and the Rock, it shows just how perfectly Lesnar’s return has been done.

The reason for this is simpler than you might think. Rather than struggling to find work and opponents, since his return last year Brock has been operating in his own universe. He shows up when needed, but only generally interacts with the people in his current feud. He doesn’t show-up randomly to do 1999 schtick or pre-taped promos. He doesn’t demand title shots, thus stealing the spotlight and spots on the card from other, full-time performers.

The results speak for themselves. When Lesnar shows up and bounces around on the stage, it means something. You know something awesome is about to happen. The initial electricity of the Rock’s return wore off because we all knew that he was here for the short-term, treating us all like a summer fling we knew wouldn’t end well.

That’s another point about the Lesnar Universe. The Rock won the WWE Championship from our 434 Day Hero CM Punk. He didn’t operate outside the normal WWE atmosphere like Lesnar does; the Rock picked his spot, plucked the title, and barely mentioned it during a slew of talk shows while promoting his latest movie premiere. He was part-time in every sense of the word.

But Lesnar is different. His universe is parallel to that of the WWE and doesn’t affect anyone else besides the person he currently wants to F-5. And it works. From the good (John Cena), to the OK (Triple H), to the amazing (Punk), all of his work has been in a vacuum and has been entertaining and will payoff with PPV buyrates.

This article goes up in smoke if the beast incarnate demands a WWE Title shot after SummerSlam, but for now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the Beast vs. the Best.

Someone in TNA Allegedly Called Former Knockout “Heavy,” But It Wasn’t Dixie


Image Credit:

Dixie Carter has been wrongfully catching a lot of flack in the past couple of days, as reports spread yesterday that she referred to former TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix as being too “heavy” for TV.  TNA Insider pointed out an instance where the TNA President was defending herself against Twitter questions…

“Never said that! Crazy!”

Here is the Hendrix quote from the original interview:

“I do have my qualms. Don’t tell me on my birthday that I’m ‘heavy’ to be on TV. I’m a size three, that’s not fat at all! I’m a role model for young girls, there’s nothing plastic about me.”

Taeler also noted in the interview that she lost a lot of weight to “get on television,” but after a recent cancer scare she put on more weight for the sake of her health.

Since the initial reports, both Hendrix and the interviewer (Greg Demarco) have come out to clarify that the comments came from someone in TNA other than Dixie Carter.

“@Taeler_Hendrix’s “heavy for TV” comment was not direct from Dixie Carter. It’s placement after the Dixie question caused confusion.”

TNA has taken quite a bit of heat in July from fans, marks, and smarks concerning roster moves.  TNA has opted to release or not renew several wrestlers, Gut Check competitors, knockouts, and agents.  Then, there was that whole ordeal surrounding Jesse Sorenson.  This most recent PR issue is not what TNA needed to close out the month.  While concessions and clarifications have been issued over the reporting, that doesn’t mean everyone will read them.  Hell, some people may choose to still believe Dixie made the comment.  Sometimes, there is such a thing as bad press.



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