Reading Too Much into Bray Wyatt?


There isn’t a wrestler currently on the WWE roster, with apologies to the Dazzler, I’m more obsessed with right now than Bray Wyatt. To the point where the lack of Wyatt Family on last week’s Raw had me upset the next morning. I know I sound like a broken record when I repeat that he’s the most interesting character to come along in WWE in quite some time, but I stand by the opinion. In the process I’ve looked up promos on YouTube, and generally scouring the internet for anything involving the Eater of Worlds. Yup, I’ve gone full fanboy nerdnick.

Now, we’ve talked about the influences on his character on this site before but it’s starting to look like we may have missed something. After viewing a “unreleased” promo by Wyatt floating around You Tube (embedded at the end of this post) a few weeks back I first heard the name Samael in connection to Bray Wyatt.

First and foremost, it’s an amazing piece of promo work. After explaining to the viewer that “there’s something inside me, I can’t explain it,” calling it “an evil that hasn’t been seen for a long long time,” Wyatt ends the promo referencing the name, “Samael, he’s all yours.”

Being the curious little lamb that I am I consulted Tobin’s Spirit Guide googled the name Samael:

No one represented evil better than Samael. Although he could be seen as good or bad, depending on what version of the story you read. He is said to be the prince of demons. He is an accuser, destroyer and seducer. Samael is one of the archangels in Talmudic and Christian religions. According to etymologist, his name means venom of God. He is the Angel of Death, who uses poison to slay men.

And from later in the same article:

Like any other biblical angel, Samael can fly like a bird. Yet he commands an army of demons that will do whatever he tells them to do. He is evil personified and is said to be equal to Satan.

Commands an army of Demons? Hmm, sounds familiar.

Add Bray Wyatt to the search and I came across an interesting/crazy theory: Bray Wyatt’s character is possessed by a demon.

Initially, I thought it was a cool little bit of wrestling nerdom, message board fans getting inspired by an interesting character. Obsessed fans like me, reading a little too much into an offhanded reference. After all, the promo in question never aired on WWE/NXT television so the Samael stuff wasn’t exactly “canon”. But imagine my surprise when Wyatt tweeted the following last night:


Whaa? Suffice to say my mind was blown. It also makes Wyatt’s post attack promo directed at “the Devil’s Favorite Demon” Kane on Monday all the more interesting.

I hear you like to call yourself, the devil’s favorite demon. But you sir ARE NO DEMON! And the devil? Naw man.

Kane, I’d like to let you in on a little secret. You ought to be careful of who you say these things in front of because you never know who is listening.

You never know who is listening. Like Samael, residing inside of Bray Wyatt? Compelling promos, amazing entrance, cult leader, and now demonic possession? It’s easy for some to dismiss the Wyatt Family as hillbilly characters, but if this element is set to be introduced, how complex and layered is this character and how perfect is this feud with Kane?

Yes, we’ve seen demonic characters and such in pro-wrestling before, you need look no further than Kane and The Undertaker. However for me, what sets Bray Wyatt apart is the lack of “cheese” involved. He’s not wearing red devil horns or pentagrams on his gear. This isn’t Kevin Thorn hanging out at “bite clubs” or the Boogeyman eating worms. It’s more modern, like a gritty horror film, preying on peoples fears of stereotypical backwoods folk. What helps the presentation is that the man behind Bray Wyatt comes off very committed to this character and it shows.

The key for keeping it “cool” for me is to keep the Samael/possession references as allusions. Let Wyatt do the heavy lifting in getting it over. Once Michael Cole nerdily explains everything to the audience things start to lose their intrigue and if WWE and Wyatt can keep this mystique up, they are developing a genuinely creepy character that 10 year old marks are sure to fear and remember for years to come.

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  1. Goat says:

    Michael Cole explaining anything makes children unhappy all around the world.

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