Fun With Speculation: Who is #August1Warning?

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Did you know that tomorrow night’s LIVE edition of Impact Wrestling will feature a Champion vs. Champion match, as well as three BFGS matches highlighted by Aries vs. Styles?  If not, it may be because TNA has been trying to build buzz over a returning or newly signed competitor via the #August1Warning videos.

We’ve had previous recaps of the first videos sent by this mystery person (hereafter known as MP).  Check out the recaps here and here.  We know that MP is not currently employed by Spike TV or TNA.  We know MP is not Batista, and not Chris Jericho (did anyone think either was a remote possibility?).  MP says that they’re tougher than Batista, and not a “rock star” like Moongoose.

Another hint is that MP is “. . . not someone that 99% of you have never heard of” (awesome grammar).  So let’s go ahead an eliminate all of that Adam Pearce speculation.  Besides the fact that most of TNA’s audience is unfamiliar with the indy veteran, Pearce has been somewhat trying to convince his Twitter followers that he’s the guy.

We sat down at CDW headquarters yesterday afternoon to put together some educated guesses as to MP’s identity.

After some heated debate, it was determined that MP is most likely a returning TNA talent.  If the purpose of this were to reveal some big-name free agent snag from the WWE, then Dixie Carter would most likely be shouting it from the mountaintops for weeks before the debut.  Instead, we have about a week of creepy vignettes.  My point – let’s temper our expectations.

The top candidates include…

DOC/Luke Gallows/Drew Hankinson

The top pick of yours truly.  Hankinson wasn’t actually released from his TNA contract; his contract expired, and the two sides couldn’t come to a new agreement.  Big difference.

As a result, Mr. Anderson noted at Destination X that the big man “turned in his cut” and walked away from Aces & Eights.  So, Hankinson is not an employee of TNA… unless he has since quietly been re-signed.  Still, on-screen he could just be a free agent looking to settle a score with the club.  That appeared to be the way TNA was going before the contract issue got in the way.

Plus – MP says he’s tough, not a rock star, and appears to be bald in the vignette (see this article’s banner picture).

It’s also worth noting that #SunTanBikerMan’s Twitter account has been suspiciously quiet since 7/24/13, and he’s usually quite chatty.

Awesome Kong/Kharma

Suggest by Mr. Sammy Dreamer.  Hence, the reason A1W is known as MP and not MM.  Would anyone argue that Kong isn’t as tough as Batista?  Also, Kong has been teasing a return to television via Twitter recently.  MP appears to be a guy, but perhaps that’s just what we’re being led to believe.  This would be a decent swerve, and immediately give Mickie James a new contender for the KO title.

Matt Morgan

Here’s a name tossed out by Showtime Eric T, “just to see the Internet explode.”  I would rank him behind Hankinson and Kong in terms of likelihood.  Unlike Hankinson, Morgan was released from his contract.  The intriguing thing is that he ASKED for his release.  Perhaps if TNA later came to him with whatever this angle is, he reconsidered.  Again, this one might be a stretch.

And finally, here some other random names just batted-about.  Let us know your predictionin the comments section below.

  • Alex Shelley
  • Rhino
  • Bobby Lashley
  • Shelton Benjamin (probably a big stretch)
  • Jeff Jarrett (we’re starting to get out of control)
  • Honky Tonk Man (time to punch out)

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