Fourth #August1Warning Video Released

Another day has passed and another video has shown up at TNA headquarters.  The mystery person states he/she is no one of TV’s own and they are not, nor have they faced, Bill Goldberg.  I had never even thought of Goldberg, but now oddly sad it is not him.  This is a big revelation because it means it’s not a TNA guy, and probably not a big name from WCW days.  That truly only leaves two avenues: Indy wrestler or WWE.  I don’t think it would be Indy because the mystery wrestler stated in previous videos they are someone 99% of fans know.  Odds are, it’s someone who was formerly with the WWE, but who?!

What I can for sure, I will be tuning to Impact Wrestling tomorrow night.  If they are smart, they will make the reveal in the thick of the 10 o’clock hour and make causal fans stick around till then.  If they reveal too early, they fear losing people after the big reveal.  What do you think: Who could it be?  What’s their motives or actions going to be like?  Are you excited?  Is Sammy Dreamer your favorite writer?  Oops, sorry, not sure how that got in there.

One Comment on "Fourth #August1Warning Video Released"

  1. Ray says:

    John Morrison?

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