Bound For Glory Series Week In Review & Fan Vote Results

 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Most matches for the 2013 Bound For Glory Series will air Thursday nights on Impact Wrestling. However, some bouts will take place at non-televised TNA house shows. Every week we’ll wrap up the all of the recent action from wrestling’s longest annual tournament, so that you’re caught up going into #ImpactLive.

Click here for a refresher on the scoring system.

Non Televised Results

None that are official at the moment.  It was reported that Mr. Anderson pinned AJ Styles in a BFGS Match at a live event on Friday 7/26, but TNA has not recognized the results in the standings.

Televised Results

  • Thursday, July 25th – AJ Styles submitted Jeff Hardy with the Calf Killer (10 pts)
  • Thursday, July 25th – Christopher Daniels pinned Samoa Joe (7 pts)
  • Thursday, July 25th – Mr. Anderson pinned Hernandez (7 pts)

Updated leaderboard, comments, and the results of the BFGS Fan Vote after the jump.

Updated Leaderboard – 7/31/2013

  1. Magnus – 49 points
  2. Joe – 26 points
  3. Styles – 22 points
  4. Daniels – 21 points
  5. Hardy – 17 points
  6. Anderson, Aries – 14 points
  7. Hernandez – 7 points
  8. Bradley, Kaz, Roode – 0 points
  9. Park – minus 10 points

The race for second place is on.  You’ll notice that Magnus has held at 49 points for the last several weeks, but that’s because he has not had a BFGS match since the 25-point Gauntlet Match.  Regardless, barring a 20+ point specialty match (which I don’t anticipate again until Hardcore Justice in August), Joe could get consecutive victories and still not take the lead.

Meanwhile, AJ Styles has been cleaning up with the Calf Killer.  He achieved consecutive submission victories with the maneuver before hitting a stumbling block against Mr. Anderson at a live event over the weekend.  Expect Styles to make it to the Final Four, largely on the strength of the move.

Fan Vote Results

Per TNA, the BFGS Fan Vote resulted in the following matches being scheduled for the 8/1 and 8/8 editions of Impact Wrestling…

The following matches will air on August 1st on Spike TV
Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles
Joseph Park vs. Jay Bradley
Hernandez vs. Bobby Roode

The following matches will air on August 8th on Spike TV
Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe
Frankie Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels
Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

Magnus versus Anderson is an intriguing match.  During each of the previous BFG Series, at least one wrestler was left unable to finish due to injury.  A swerve this year could be to have the far-and-away leader knocked out by the rival stable.  We’ll find out next Thursday.  In the meantime, check back on CDW tomorrow for the official Impact Wrestling preview.

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