Third #August1Warning Video

The latest August 1 Warning video has been released, after the second video where the mystery man told us he was not Batista (did anyone think it was?), the third video states that it is not Chris Jericho. Well, yeah, I don’t think anyone was in danger of thinking that either.

Notable quotes below:

“You speculate, I laugh. August 1 is coming. I am not a rock star like Chris Jericho. I make my living hurting people.”

“I am not someone that 99% of you have never heard of.”

Wait, so it’s not someone that most of us have not heard of? That would seem to rule out Adam Pearce.  Hardcore Holly has taken his name out of the running. MVP? Out. Colt Cabana? Did you really think that? Time to scour the internet for pro-wrestling free agents with notoriety!

It’s only a few days away, call your shot in the comments below.

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