TNA Issues an August 1 Warning

A mentioned in the Roundup, TNA is getting in on the viral video craze. Much like Chris Jericho’s return vignettes from 2012, TNA has posted a video on their YouTube page that was “recieved via messenger” teasing a new or returning superstar for the August 1st Impact Wrestling Live show in Wichita Falls, TX.

The transcript (sans the parts that play backwards) is as follows:

Attention Impact Wrestling and Spike TV. August 1 is coming. This is a warning. I do not work for Impact. I do not work for Spike TV. But I have a problem that needs to be solved. I am not a movement. I am out for personal justice. August 1. My identity will be revealed this Thursday, August 1, on Spike TV. You will try to guess. I hope you do. You have been warned of my arrival. This is the end. This is happening. This is day 1. See you Thursday.

TNA is promising a hint for who may be behind the videos once the video reaches 250,000 views. However, a former Gut Check contestant may have let the cat out of the bag via Twitter.

If you don’t want it possibly spoiled stop reading right now.

Still with us? Hit the jump for the details.

Hours after the video was posted on July 26th, former Gut Check contestant and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Pearce tweeted the following message:

Suffice to say, Pearce is a fine athlete and great wrestler, but if he’s the big reveal color me underwhelmed. Here’s my reasoning, after the past few weeks of bad PR for the organization, some fans may need a big surprise to make them feel better about the recent restructuring. A big signing would do wonders for fan morale and public perception.

If it’s not Pearce, who do you think could be behind the video?

4 Comments on "TNA Issues an August 1 Warning"

  1. RyanD says:

    August 1 huh? So TNA opted with the slow burn on this to give time to get a buzz going. Yup TNA, you’re doing it wrong…again

  2. Robert says:

    Could be Bob (Hardcore) Holly.

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