Bound For Glory Series Week In Review


Most matches for the 2013 Bound For Glory Series will air Thursday nights on Impact Wrestling.  However, some bouts will take place at non-televised TNA house shows.  Every week we’ll wrap up the all of the recent action from wrestling’s longest annual tournament, so that you’re caught up going into #ImpactLive.

A quick reminder of the scoring system:

  • 10 points for a Submission Win
  • 7 points for a Pinfall Win
  • 5 points for a Countout Win
  • 3 points for a Disqualification Win
  • 2 points for a Draw
  • 10 point penalty for a Disqualification Loss

There’s a 15-minute time-limit for standard Bound For Glory Series Matches.

Hit the jump for results and analysis from the past week, as well as up-to-date standings heading into the next episode on Impact Wrestling.

Non Televised Results

Thursday, 6/27/13 – Ottumwa, Iowa – Magnus pinned Hernandez (7 points)

Friday, 6/28/13 – St. Joseph, Missouri – Samoa Joe pinned Kazarian (7 points)

Televised Results

Thursday, 6/27/13 – Peoria, Illinois – Impact Wrestling

  • Magnus pinned Bobby Roode (7 points)
  • Samoa Joe submitted Mr. Anderson (10 points)

Updated Leaderboard – 7/3/2013

  1. Magnus – 24 points 
  2. Samoa Joe – 19 points
  3. Hardy, Daniels, Anderson, Aries – 7 points each
  4. AJ Styles – 2 points
  5. Hernandez, Bradley, Kazarian, Park, Roode – 0 points

At this point, it’s safe to say this could be Magnus’ breakout summer.  He’s taken a commanding lead with three decisive wins, including a clean pin against 2011 BFGS winner Bobby Roode.  The It Factor sits at the bottom of the rankings with zero points, but I don’t expect him to stay there for long.  The Bound For Glory Series will likely feature at least a few high-stakes, high-point matches that could get the former World Champion back into the mix.

However, the BFGS will likely have a few “bottom-feeders” in the standings who never really got off the ground in the summer-long affair.  For the Class of ’13, those unfortunate souls may be Jay Bradley, Kazarian, and Joseph Park.

If I may be so bold as to offer a prediction for the Final Four… Magnus, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, and AJ Styles.  Do you have a different take on the 2013 Bound For Glory Series?  Aside from Magnus, do you see someone else breaking out from the pack?  Sound off by tweeting us, @DukesWrestling!


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