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Fourth #August1Warning Video Released

Another day has passed and another video has shown up at TNA headquarters.  The mystery person states he/she is no one of TV’s own and they are not, nor have they faced, Bill Goldberg.  I had never even thought of Goldberg, but now oddly sad it is not him.  This is a big revelation because it means it’s not a TNA guy, and probably not a big name from WCW days.  That truly only leaves two avenues: Indy wrestler or WWE.  I don’t think it would be Indy because the mystery wrestler stated in previous videos they are someone 99% of fans know.  Odds are, it’s someone who was formerly with the WWE, but who?!

What I can for sure, I will be tuning to Impact Wrestling tomorrow night.  If they are smart, they will make the reveal in the thick of the 10 o’clock hour and make causal fans stick around till then.  If they reveal too early, they fear losing people after the big reveal.  What do you think: Who could it be?  What’s their motives or actions going to be like?  Are you excited?  Is Sammy Dreamer your favorite writer?  Oops, sorry, not sure how that got in there.

WWE Main Event Preview 7/31/13

WWE Main Event is saying goodbye to July with three scintillating matches hot off the press! Let’s take a look at what’s going down tonight:

1. Mark Henry vs. Drew McIntyre

The World’s Strongest Man continues his face turn by taking on one-third of the hated 3 Man Band. Drew McIntyre might be the Chosen One, but when it comes to who has to face an irate Mark Henry, he probably wishes it was someone else.

2. The Usos vs. The Primetime Players

Despite losing to the Shield in trios action on Monday, the Usos have looked great lately. They hope to keep the momentum rolling against “Big Deal” Titus O’Neil and “No Days Off” Darren Young aka “Mr. Friday Night.”

3. Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth

Let me be the six hundreth person to ask “what’s up” with R-Truth’s hairline? Dude was out a few months, but seems to have aged at least a decade. Wade Barrett will try to push it back a few more inches with a bullhammer elbow en route to a pinfall followed by a trip to the winner’s pay window.

Reading Too Much into Bray Wyatt?


There isn’t a wrestler currently on the WWE roster, with apologies to the Dazzler, I’m more obsessed with right now than Bray Wyatt. To the point where the lack of Wyatt Family on last week’s Raw had me upset the next morning. I know I sound like a broken record when I repeat that he’s the most interesting character to come along in WWE in quite some time, but I stand by the opinion. In the process I’ve looked up promos on YouTube, and generally scouring the internet for anything involving the Eater of Worlds. Yup, I’ve gone full fanboy nerdnick.

Now, we’ve talked about the influences on his character on this site before but it’s starting to look like we may have missed something. After viewing a “unreleased” promo by Wyatt floating around You Tube (embedded at the end of this post) a few weeks back I first heard the name Samael in connection to Bray Wyatt.

First and foremost, it’s an amazing piece of promo work. After explaining to the viewer that “there’s something inside me, I can’t explain it,” calling it “an evil that hasn’t been seen for a long long time,” Wyatt ends the promo referencing the name, “Samael, he’s all yours.”

Being the curious little lamb that I am I consulted Tobin’s Spirit Guide googled the name Samael:

No one represented evil better than Samael. Although he could be seen as good or bad, depending on what version of the story you read. He is said to be the prince of demons. He is an accuser, destroyer and seducer. Samael is one of the archangels in Talmudic and Christian religions. According to etymologist, his name means venom of God. He is the Angel of Death, who uses poison to slay men.

And from later in the same article:

Like any other biblical angel, Samael can fly like a bird. Yet he commands an army of demons that will do whatever he tells them to do. He is evil personified and is said to be equal to Satan.

Commands an army of Demons? Hmm, sounds familiar.

Add Bray Wyatt to the search and I came across an interesting/crazy theory: Bray Wyatt’s character is possessed by a demon.
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Fun With Speculation: Who is #August1Warning?

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Did you know that tomorrow night’s LIVE edition of Impact Wrestling will feature a Champion vs. Champion match, as well as three BFGS matches highlighted by Aries vs. Styles?  If not, it may be because TNA has been trying to build buzz over a returning or newly signed competitor via the #August1Warning videos.

We’ve had previous recaps of the first videos sent by this mystery person (hereafter known as MP).  Check out the recaps here and here.  We know that MP is not currently employed by Spike TV or TNA.  We know MP is not Batista, and not Chris Jericho (did anyone think either was a remote possibility?).  MP says that they’re tougher than Batista, and not a “rock star” like Moongoose.

Another hint is that MP is “. . . not someone that 99% of you have never heard of” (awesome grammar).  So let’s go ahead an eliminate all of that Adam Pearce speculation.  Besides the fact that most of TNA’s audience is unfamiliar with the indy veteran, Pearce has been somewhat trying to convince his Twitter followers that he’s the guy.

We sat down at CDW headquarters yesterday afternoon to put together some educated guesses as to MP’s identity.

After some heated debate, it was determined that MP is most likely a returning TNA talent.  If the purpose of this were to reveal some big-name free agent snag from the WWE, then Dixie Carter would most likely be shouting it from the mountaintops for weeks before the debut.  Instead, we have about a week of creepy vignettes.  My point – let’s temper our expectations.

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Bound For Glory Series Week In Review & Fan Vote Results

 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Most matches for the 2013 Bound For Glory Series will air Thursday nights on Impact Wrestling. However, some bouts will take place at non-televised TNA house shows. Every week we’ll wrap up the all of the recent action from wrestling’s longest annual tournament, so that you’re caught up going into #ImpactLive.

Click here for a refresher on the scoring system.

Non Televised Results

None that are official at the moment.  It was reported that Mr. Anderson pinned AJ Styles in a BFGS Match at a live event on Friday 7/26, but TNA has not recognized the results in the standings.

Televised Results

  • Thursday, July 25th – AJ Styles submitted Jeff Hardy with the Calf Killer (10 pts)
  • Thursday, July 25th – Christopher Daniels pinned Samoa Joe (7 pts)
  • Thursday, July 25th – Mr. Anderson pinned Hernandez (7 pts)

Updated leaderboard, comments, and the results of the BFGS Fan Vote after the jump. Continue reading →

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