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WWE Star Going Away for Surgery


For the most part we don’t do spoilers here at Chad Dukes Wrestling, however our policy is if reports it, a website of note, it is fair game.

But for those who have the willpower to avoid it, I’ll keep it vague above the cut if you don’t want a part of Friday Night’s Smackdown broadcast ruined. is reporting, on their Smackdown page and Facebook, a WWE Superstar will undergo surgery after an attack at the hands of Ryback on the upcoming SmackDown broadcast. As is usually the case, the surgery most likely necessitated the angle.

Wanna know who it is? Find out the scintillating details below the cut.
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WWE Involved in New Flintstones Movie


It’s amazing what an insult from the Rock can spawn.

Almost a year after it was announced that the WWE would be involved in a new Scooby Doo direct to video animated feature, now it looks like WWE Superstars will be a page right out of history.

Via Bleeding Cool:

Warner Bros. are finally making moves on some new Flintstones, teaming up with WWE for a prehistoric rumble in the rubble.

Deadline promise that the new, direct to video toon will feature:

WWE staples including Vince McMagma (voiced by Vince McMahon), and such WWE Superstars and Divas including John Cenastone (John Cena) and CM Punkrock (CM Punk).

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The Morning Roundup – 5/29/2013


Are we already at Wednesday?  You betcha.  Here we go!

EY goes for 16 – Wrestling, Inc.

Eric Young heads under the knife tomorrow for his 16th surgery.  It is unclear how long the recovery will be for our buddy EY, but likely on the shelf for a couple more months.  Just another sign of how not “fake” pro wrestling can be.  While this injury may not be related to wrestling, the fact that he is on his 16th is evidence enough he has been beat up along the way.  Speedy recovery my friend! Continue reading →

Who are Bray Wyatt & The Wyatt Family?

Last night on Raw, the first vignette (above) for Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family aired. Suffice to say, I’m interested. I’ve beat the drum for Bray Wyatt since I first saw the early version of the character in FCW and have been following the development of the character through the ups and downs of his time in FCW/NXT.

With his re-debut in WWE imminent, I thought it’d be a fine time time to bring everyone up to date on who and what makes up The Wyatt Family.

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A Tale of Two Theme Songs


Entrance music can make or break a superstar. If it’s iconic you know instantly who’s coming out. If it’s ridiculous, you carry that burden as well. If it’s generic that’s no good either. Fandango has gotten over with a large portion of the WWE Universe strictly based on music. TNA’s lack of iconic music is a huge part of the problem with their presentation.

With that in mind two young superstars have had their theme music tinkered with over the past few weeks.

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