The Morning Roundup – 5/31/2013

UntitledThis is the last time I will talk to you good people in May as tomorrow brings June!  Here we go!

Antonio the German? – WWE on Youtube

I don’t usually watch entrance videos because, well, there is nothing to them.  Its usually the person’s name followed by a range of highlights that show off their skills.  However, the boards have been hot about Antonio’s new video because his theme appears to be a German flag and Germany’s national colors.  That’s all fine and good, I love the Germans, but Cesaro is from Switzerland.  His trunks are red, they have the flag on them, and they announce him being from Switzerland.  Has the WWE repackaged him or made a geographical mistake?

Worst Storyline Ever – Bleacher Report

Its Friday, that means we need a countdown.  I agree with this list all the way.  Each story line is bad, real bad.  In fact, the top 4 are some of the very worst things to ever happen in wrestling.  Katie Vick is so bad at this point its gone down in wrestling history as one of those “so bad its good” stories.  Oh wrestling, you do have your dark side.

WWE Inbox – WWE on Youtube

Not much in the way of new news, so you get a video heavy roundup.  Check out your favorite WWE stars talk about pizza and their favorite OMG! moments.  For my money, Foley on the cage will always be the top OMG! moment in my wrestling life.

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