The Morning Roundup – 5/30/13

MNRWe are getting in the final days of May now, hope you are ready for hot weather, cold drinks, and summer story archs!  Here we go.

Best Diva Photos – WWE on Youtube

You’re welcome.

Dip in Viewers – LOP

This is a sign my friends.  I do not agree with LOP, though.  The dip in viewership was probably due more to the fact it was Memorial Day and not because it was competing against the NBA.  I, for one, was so tired from a fun day with family, lost track of my days, and didn’t realize Raw was on until it was too late.  This dip either means people were busy doing something else or the product has turned fans away.  WWE better hope its the first one.

History Lesson – Bleacher Report

Not familiar with 3 stages of Hell?  No worries, Sammy Dreamer and those bootleggers over at Bleacher Report are here to help.  Get yourself more acquainted with the 3 stages of Hell and see just when and where this match has been done before.  I do like they are finishing with an Ambulance match and can only hope that it goes to a necessary 3rd fall (Spoiler Alert: They always do).


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