Report: WWE Officials Not Happy With Mark Henry

Mark Henry

According to multiple reports, WWE officials are not happy with Mark Henry. The proprietor of the Hall of Pain took it upon himself to schedule some time away from the ring for what are being called “minor injuries.” WWE officials did not want him to take the time off and are unhappy. Henry has been in the WWE for some 17 years and surely has taken his fair share of punishment.

From all accounts, Henry was in line for a big push after his feud with Sheamus and possibly a face turn. It did seem as if momentum was building for the World’s Strongest Man, so let’s hope that if and when he returns to the ring, he’s able to regain that momentum.

One Comment on "Report: WWE Officials Not Happy With Mark Henry"

  1. Sammy Dreamer says:

    They can just deal with it. Its Mark Henry, he owes them nothing

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